Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 168

I had this whole routine figured out for exercise since I can't get to Zumba. Well I forgot about mother nature. I got up this morning, dressed and ready to go. I then decided to look outside. It was 4 and really windy. There was no way I was running in all that wind. Hopefully tonight I will get to walk or I will do a video.

I am so tired from work today. Need to get back into things. I think this will help with getting me moving more. I went non stop. I am also the only American so I am hoping that this works out. I feel kind of odd and some of the women only speak German so they are explaining to me in German like I know what they are talking about.

The break room table was covered in sweets. Holy cow. I am safe as of now because none of it looks that great to me. It is all store bought so I am not missing anything. If they start bringing in homemade stuff this might be interesting.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I hope to have a loss. I feel like I am getting better about getting exercise in but it may be to soon to get any results by tomorrow. Maybe I will start doing Yoga in the mornings before work and then run after or go to the gym.

Off to clean the house. I need to get used to not having all the time in the world! It is great getting out of the house and making money. I feel like the old me is coming back.

Work, gym, drop off and pick up for bible study and soccer practice, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner...It's a beautiful thing!!

"Failure is only postponed success...The habit of persistence is the habit of victory." -Herbert Kaufman


Marcelle said...

Sounds like you had a great first day at work, I did think of you today...wondered how it was going. Enjoy the house cleaning...I did ironing today and cleared out my cupboards.
Not feeling too good today...My ears feel blocked ( feeling I had before I lost my balance ) my balance feels going to have a lie down now.

LaurenD said...

good for you for starting work today! I know what it is like as I have been out of work for 5 months and I cannot wait to start again!! So congrats on that! And you are making awesome progress on your weight loss :)

CINDER said...

Good for you!! Where are you working?

Katie J said...

Welcome back you! Hoping the scale gods and godesses are kind to you tomorrow :-D

Sunshine Mama said...

It's good you are looking forward to the new change. You will adjust in no time, and maybe even pick up some German? ha,

You should take a picture of those German sweets for us.

dawne said...

German baked goods are soooo dry. I'm married to a German, and the baking - not really appealing. I suppose there might be some good stuff, but just tell yourself that Dawnie says it's all dry!!! :) You should speak pig latin back to them!! hee hee

You'll find a routine that works. I find it easier NOT to eat mindlessly when I'm at work.

Lacey said...

I can't wait to talk to you and hear all about your new job! Being busy really IS a beautiful thing, haha. (Are we totally weird for NEEDING to be stressed or what? Must be hereditary...)

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow. I got your message this afternoon, but I didn't have Live open this morning. I really love staying busy at work, but... well, you know! :-)

Fran said...

It's great to read such positivity from you. Working is a good thing for you. Perhaps you could learn some German while you're at work? Always handy.

I think you're doing great Sarah, you try to find a place for you're exercise now that you're working and I think that's good!

Amy said...

Gah to those breakrooms and their tastes of pleasure every more... ;)

your gonna do awesome for your weigh in girl... awesome!!