Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time To Get Off My Butt

I have been MIA for too long, I have been in maintenance for too long, I have been blah for too long.

I keep saying I am going to share news with you then I get busy and forget to get back here, my exercise is slipping and the summer is coming. I need to snap out of this rut that I am in before vacation hits and I am kicking myself in the butt for letting time slip away.

The news I wanted to share is that we are going to California for two weeks with 2 other family's for a vacation that will be pretty much to die for. Our friends will be married 10 years in May and he is getting ready to deploy so we are off to Cali in June to renew the vows before he leaves. It is going to be wonderful.

What won't be is my weight if I don't get it down or at least tone up.

I am tired of wearing a skirtini. I want to wear a bikini. A skirtini is a pain when you are trying to swim or playing with children.

So here is my plan. Be sure to brace yourselves because this is me showing more then I ever thought I would. I am going to take a photo of myself in the bikini I just bought and post it on here. I am hoping that showing you guys will make me push myself. I am going to work on my plan tomorrow since I am taking a half day & Friday is the day to kick butt for the next two months. I will be breaking the months up so that I am not overwhelmed.

My goal is to be down 5-10 pounds but at least 5 pounds. Lots of toning also. Picture will be posted no later then Saturday as I need to paint toes and such. Get out of this winter weather and such.

I will be doing Zumba, C25K & somehow adding the kettlebell if I can find something I like to do it with.

Fingers crossed these 2 months show me a change!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Really Fast

This week has been non stop and it is only Tuesday night. In part because here in Germany you have to run your car through inspection once a year. Mostly what happens is they look at it when your license plates get ready to expire and you either pass or have to fix things they find wrong. Well being American & having the Germans inspect our cars they pretty much fail 99% of us for anything little thing they can find. Then we have to go out on their economy and have them fix it. So to cut to the chase my car is going in the shop Wed. after work so I have been running errands non stop.

I am 8 days late for my TOM yet I have all the symptoms. The scale is showing a gain. I am stressed. Now I need physical therapy for my right foot. My walking partner's husband is going to be gone for 6 weeks so there goes my nightly walk. Now I will have to depend on myself.

Pretty much life is a roller coaster and mine seems to be on the track going down..... Hopefully soon it will start climbing back up towards the sun! Hopefully in the next couple days I will have time to sit and blog. Sure do miss it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I need more hours in my day

I have been so busy it is past annoying. Just once this week I would love to come home after work but I have had & will have stuff to do every single day after. Living in Germany where nothing is opened on Sunday drives me nuts. In the states it never mattered when you wanted to get something done they where open. Here on post because Germans have to be employed they close early or whenever. Drives me insane. I pretty much work the same hours as most things on post which means praying I get there before they close.

My eating is all over the place. My job has me beyond stressed being in a situation I feel I should of never been placed in. I need to get a hold of myself and realize that food is not my answer. Food will not make my situation any better and in fact when I am doing eating whatever it is that I chose to eat I know I will be upset with myself for doing it.

I have exciting news that I hope to post soon but I feel like I need to be more prepared then I am when writing the post. I need a game plan first. Something to make me accountable.

I am going to work on my calories and food plan now. I need to get this under control asap.