Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time To Get Off My Butt

I have been MIA for too long, I have been in maintenance for too long, I have been blah for too long.

I keep saying I am going to share news with you then I get busy and forget to get back here, my exercise is slipping and the summer is coming. I need to snap out of this rut that I am in before vacation hits and I am kicking myself in the butt for letting time slip away.

The news I wanted to share is that we are going to California for two weeks with 2 other family's for a vacation that will be pretty much to die for. Our friends will be married 10 years in May and he is getting ready to deploy so we are off to Cali in June to renew the vows before he leaves. It is going to be wonderful.

What won't be is my weight if I don't get it down or at least tone up.

I am tired of wearing a skirtini. I want to wear a bikini. A skirtini is a pain when you are trying to swim or playing with children.

So here is my plan. Be sure to brace yourselves because this is me showing more then I ever thought I would. I am going to take a photo of myself in the bikini I just bought and post it on here. I am hoping that showing you guys will make me push myself. I am going to work on my plan tomorrow since I am taking a half day & Friday is the day to kick butt for the next two months. I will be breaking the months up so that I am not overwhelmed.

My goal is to be down 5-10 pounds but at least 5 pounds. Lots of toning also. Picture will be posted no later then Saturday as I need to paint toes and such. Get out of this winter weather and such.

I will be doing Zumba, C25K & somehow adding the kettlebell if I can find something I like to do it with.

Fingers crossed these 2 months show me a change!


Marcelle said...

You can do whatever you set your mind have in the past, and you can always I am here to offer support and encouragement, both privately, your blog and group...
Would be nice if you could attempt the plan with us for 17 days...see where that takes you...
Looking forward to seeing your bikini photo...I wanted to do the same but the skin on my body is really looking matter how much I tone at my age, it makes NO difference to the skin!!

Sarah said...

Just saying Marcelle I have seen u in a bikini and you have it going on. If I wore one next to you it would embarrass me.

Fran said...

Of course you can do it, you have something wonderful to look forward too! How exciting you're going to California in June.

And I'm also excited you are going to do C25K, another runner! All the dog walks you've taken the past months will definitely benefit you on your runs. You've got a good base built up.

Good luck Sarah, you've got my support all the way.

Sabrina said...

Oh yes!! That is so exciting!! Cali! You deserve an awesome vacation and I have no doubts you will look AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you posting again. I do miss you on Group however :(
I am sure you are going to achieve your goal because you have done it before and you can again. We are all here, rooting you along :)

CINDER said...

You can do it!!! Can't wait ! That was inspiring to me- I was thinking about posting a pix of my scale number each week? Not sure but I love your idea!!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness.


This is going to rock!!! Like seriously! YAY!!!!

Awesomeness!!! :)