Monday, December 20, 2010

Am I Setting Myself Up For Failure Again??

Hope everyone had a great Monday or I should say having a great Monday. As I write this it is already 11pm my time so my Monday is about over for me. I hope that I can stay on top of this blogging and get back into a routine. I sure do miss reading tips and ideas and seeing I am not the only one that is human.

Well I have been MIA from blogland I have moved and settled into a new home and new job. Kindergarten really does make a person tired. Still not used to coming home and wanting to go right to bed. Actually getting to take my lunch is proving interesting. Sneaking away from these little kiddos is hard most of the time.

As for weight I have lost though I am not where I want to be. I will enjoy that the scale is moving down especially with all the holidays. Went to the gym on Thanksgiving & did a class that I burned 649 calories. With the snow falling Zumba has been canceled for Monday night for the last month. It is driving me nuts. I have been going with my neighbor on dog walks every night in snow and rain and wind. Yes I am the idiot walking with my neighbor in weather that is so bad it shuts down a military post and I have no dog leash in my hand. I am sure people wonder what I am

The title of the post is simple. It has to do with my goal on what I want to be starting out the year 2011. I need to lose 2.4 pounds to hit a mini goal. I would like to start 2011 out in a new set of numbers. Well this may not seem like a hard goal for some I have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners ahead of me as well as New Years Eve dinner and of course many drinks. Maybe this isn't the smartest idea I have had.

Well I am off to bed in hopes I can get to Zumba in the morning!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am still alive....

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking. Been really busy with the holidays and getting the internet moved took over a month. I will be back to blogging soon as I am off two weeks from work. Thanks to everyone that checked up on me through email, facebook or daily mile. Can't wait to get back to this as this is something I need. I need to be with friends that understand what I am going through.. I will be writing a blog before 2010 is over. Be back soon!