Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last post for awhile...

This is my last post until the internet is turned on again from the move. We got the keys today and I started taking some stuff today before the movers get here tomorrow. My husband will stay with the movers so that I can go to Zumba!! I also am going to try and Zumba it up this weekend!!

My weigh in for this week has me down 2.3 pounds! I am looking at the side bar and seeing that I need to change my goal weight. I will wait until I get there first before I change it. My husband is afraid now that I will never be happy at the weight I am at when I told him I will need to lose more. This may be a never ending cycle.

Well hate to make this short but I need to take some cleaning products to the house so I can start cleaning!! Will be back sometime in 7-10 working

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A year came and went....

I can't believe how going away for a four day has me so behind on blogging. I spent the last two days trying to catch up on them instead of writing my own blog. I have so much going on I can't sleep or think.

Ever had so much going on your head just doesn't shut all?

That's how I am feeling. I have so much to say I am not sure where to begin. First of all my year of blogging and having a healthier new lifestyle came and went and I am not sure where I was. October 15, 2009 was when I decided to I was done with avoiding mirrors. I was done telling my daughter about being healthy but doing the opposite. I was done being miserable and to be very honest I was done having my weight get in the way of the relationships I wasn't having with my husband & friends.

I am so glad that I made the choice not to wait any longer to make changes but to be honest I am upset with the amount of weight I didn't lose. I should of been able to lose it all since I didn't have a very large amount to lose. I am very disappointed with myself. I thought losing weight in a foreign country would be easier. Clearly it isn't for me. Germany's baked goods are to yummy to pass up!!!

I still need to lose 11 pounds to hit my goal but then I think I need to reevaluate & I think I am going for another 10-15 after that. We will see.

I am starting a new job Nov. 1 and I am so excited. I am going to be working as a aid for kindergarten. Lots of moving around with this job! The teacher I will be working under has some health issues so I was told I would be doing most of the interacting with the kids. That means I need to go shopping to get new clothes but not to nice because we know how little kids spill everything.

The first weekend of Nov. my friend and I are going to another town to a Zumba workshop!! We heard we want to burn calories this is the place where we will. It will be a nice weekend getaway with no kids or husbands!

This Friday we move into the "big house" I can't wait. 4 flights of stairs & dog walks here I come!! On that note here in Germany it take 7-10 days to transfer the internet and phone so I will not be writing or reading blogs unless I can pull of someone's internet. Everything is getting turned off Thursday after work.

Hopefully I will get everything settled and what not & as soon as the internet gets turned back on I will be good to go.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Off to Berlin

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am off to Berlin today and will not be able to read blogs until Tuesday.. Will have a lot to catch up on. I went grocery shopping with my friend so I have my breakfast & lunches. Dinners we will all go out. Hopefully we will do lots of walking & she is taking her dog so I will go on dog walks with her as well. Marcelle has my weight from Thursday so hopefully I can maintain or even lose by the time I get back!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have so much to share when I get back.

Off to the gym then on the road we go!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 339-345

Lately I have sucked at blogging and getting around to reading. I am busy getting ready to move. I need to paint the garage (tomorrow) & start boxing up things that transportation won't move or things I don't want them touching. Like my stuff from Turkiye or my beer steins. It's funny when you have someone moving you how much more you end up packing yourself anyways. I will try and get better once things settle down again.

As for exercise I did Zumba yesterday and tonight! It was great. I plan on going to Zumba Thursday afternoon as I have the day off. Wanted to go the gym after work tomorrow but I need to get to CYS to fill out paperwork & set up transferring internet & phone when we move. Maybe I will dance well I paint!!

Tonight I tried on my daughters skirt to her Halloween costume. It fit!! Needless to say she isn't happy with me. Maybe dancing through the house wasn't the smartest idea but I was so happy that for once I couldn't control myself. I am thinking about wearing it us adults have a Halloween party!

I have also personally decided that I think I am going to change my weight goal. Right now I only need to lose 12.3 more pounds to get to my goal weight that I set for myself but I really don't think 12 pounds is going to be enough. I am thinking I will be trying to lose another 13 more for a total of 25 more pounds. I really need to work on my arms & stomach.

I need your ideas for breakfast please. I am eating yogurt, blueberries, oats & a organic mix but I am starving when I am at work. The feeling you get when you haven't eaten all day is how I feel and I am lost as to why when I am eating. Any help would be great!!!

I will be sharing some exciting news in the future!!

Just wanted to share a photo I edited.