Thursday, October 7, 2010

Off to Berlin

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am off to Berlin today and will not be able to read blogs until Tuesday.. Will have a lot to catch up on. I went grocery shopping with my friend so I have my breakfast & lunches. Dinners we will all go out. Hopefully we will do lots of walking & she is taking her dog so I will go on dog walks with her as well. Marcelle has my weight from Thursday so hopefully I can maintain or even lose by the time I get back!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have so much to share when I get back.

Off to the gym then on the road we go!


Marcelle said...

HAVE THE BEST TIME...Berlin is the most amazing city in Germany, I could go there once an month and never tire or see all of it...its HUGE.

YES< I have your weight and will be checking up next week gain will be accepted...stay the same will be fine, but a loss will be what I

dawne said...

Enjoy your time away. It sounds like you have a good plan in place and that you are motivated. You only have 11.8 pounds to go girl!!!!

Amy said...

Sarah sarah sarah!! I have missed you!!

Look at you girl! You are doing it!!

Woo hoo!!! Gonna bookmark ya, so I never lose you again! Woo hoo!

Big hug and a high five!! Have wonderful trip to Berlin!!

Fran said...

Have fun in Berlin, never been there but want to go someday.

Okay girl time to get your running shoes on: I'm hosting a virtual run in the last weekend of October and I would love it if you would join it.
See my Saturday's blog for details.

Sunshine Mama said...

Hope you have a fun time in Berlin!

Fran said...

You don't know what Glee is? Never heard your friends back home in America about it?

I think you will love it!