Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A year came and went....

I can't believe how going away for a four day has me so behind on blogging. I spent the last two days trying to catch up on them instead of writing my own blog. I have so much going on I can't sleep or think.

Ever had so much going on your head just doesn't shut down..at all?

That's how I am feeling. I have so much to say I am not sure where to begin. First of all my year of blogging and having a healthier new lifestyle came and went and I am not sure where I was. October 15, 2009 was when I decided to I was done with avoiding mirrors. I was done telling my daughter about being healthy but doing the opposite. I was done being miserable and to be very honest I was done having my weight get in the way of the relationships I wasn't having with my husband & friends.

I am so glad that I made the choice not to wait any longer to make changes but to be honest I am upset with the amount of weight I didn't lose. I should of been able to lose it all since I didn't have a very large amount to lose. I am very disappointed with myself. I thought losing weight in a foreign country would be easier. Clearly it isn't for me. Germany's baked goods are to yummy to pass up!!!

I still need to lose 11 pounds to hit my goal but then I think I need to reevaluate & I think I am going for another 10-15 after that. We will see.

I am starting a new job Nov. 1 and I am so excited. I am going to be working as a aid for kindergarten. Lots of moving around with this job! The teacher I will be working under has some health issues so I was told I would be doing most of the interacting with the kids. That means I need to go shopping to get new clothes but not to nice because we know how little kids spill everything.

The first weekend of Nov. my friend and I are going to another town to a Zumba workshop!! We heard we want to burn calories this is the place where we will. It will be a nice weekend getaway with no kids or husbands!

This Friday we move into the "big house"..lol I can't wait. 4 flights of stairs & dog walks here I come!! On that note here in Germany it take 7-10 days to transfer the internet and phone so I will not be writing or reading blogs unless I can pull of someone's internet. Everything is getting turned off Thursday after work.

Hopefully I will get everything settled and what not & as soon as the internet gets turned back on I will be good to go.


Syl said...

congrats! the hard work has paid off you look great!

Sabrina said...

You look wonderful, congrats!!!

Have fun at your Zumba workshop, those are always a lot of work but so fun!!

Marcelle said...

Sarah u looking amazing, what a transformation...I remember meeting u on blog at that bigger size and now u are one hot hot mama..I am so proud of u...
That house is going to make it so much nicer for u all in so many ways..to clean as well...imagine all those calories u going to burn just cleaning the floors...:)

Tricia said...


Fran said...

Sarah don't be disappointed with yourself: look at the photo's. You look fantastic! You will lose the other pounds too but for now, think a moment about what you've accomplished and be proud of yourself.

Congrats on your new job. It sounds exciting. How many days/hours will you be working?

What better way for a girlfriends getaway to do a Zumba workshop together, have fun!

Good luck on moving and hope the internet will be connected soon so we don't have to miss you for long.

logmyloss said...

Wow! Look at the difference in you! You look great Sarah!

It sure is nice to have made the change instead of waiting.

Hopefully the upcoming transition and move go well for you.

~South Beach Steve