Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 168

I had this whole routine figured out for exercise since I can't get to Zumba. Well I forgot about mother nature. I got up this morning, dressed and ready to go. I then decided to look outside. It was 4 and really windy. There was no way I was running in all that wind. Hopefully tonight I will get to walk or I will do a video.

I am so tired from work today. Need to get back into things. I think this will help with getting me moving more. I went non stop. I am also the only American so I am hoping that this works out. I feel kind of odd and some of the women only speak German so they are explaining to me in German like I know what they are talking about.

The break room table was covered in sweets. Holy cow. I am safe as of now because none of it looks that great to me. It is all store bought so I am not missing anything. If they start bringing in homemade stuff this might be interesting.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I hope to have a loss. I feel like I am getting better about getting exercise in but it may be to soon to get any results by tomorrow. Maybe I will start doing Yoga in the mornings before work and then run after or go to the gym.

Off to clean the house. I need to get used to not having all the time in the world! It is great getting out of the house and making money. I feel like the old me is coming back.

Work, gym, drop off and pick up for bible study and soccer practice, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner...It's a beautiful thing!!

"Failure is only postponed success...The habit of persistence is the habit of victory." -Herbert Kaufman

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 167

The sun has been out all day today and I love it. Went to my last Zumba class that is held in the morning. I am going to miss it. Zumba last night was full and there were some women there that weren't paying attention. If you aren't going to do the class leave or shut up so I can hear the teacher. That is just my thought though.

I am going to be purchasing a heart rate monitor this weekend. I am also looking at getting the Zumba DVD's. As much as I hate doing videos I do love me some Zumba. This will be great practice for me as I am going from 3 days a week to 1 maybe 2.

I have really been trying to work on my arms. I want tank top shirt arms. I am not getting them and this is frustrating. I have been looking at 2lb. weighted gloves to wear on nights I do Zumba and when I run. I hope this will help.

I have noticed some bloggers talking about this new find

Here in Germany we are behind on getting things but they finally have them so I decided to give it a try. Usually when I want pizza I grab Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine. Well it is smaller and not paying attention to the box I never realized it came with 2. So I ate the one half. Paired with a salad or fruit it would be perfect.

Off to soccer practice so I am not sure if I will get a walk in tonight or not but tomorrow morning I plan on leaving with my daughter to do a run before work.

On the heart rate moitors I am looking at a Polar FT40 & a Polar F7. Any suggestions? I have read reviews and I keep going back & forth. I guess with the amount of money I want to make sure I like it. Buying things and returning stuff through the mail is such a hassle here that I like to make sure I get it right the first time.

"Leave nothing to chance. The difference between the championship and merely good team is often the perfection of minor details." -Coach John Wooden

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 164,165 & 166

I went to the gym this morning. Did the elliptical and the bike. I also did a little abs but I think I ate to close to going to the gym because it made me sick to my stomach. Went back to Zumba tonight.

This weekend I wanted to to get out and walk or run. It decided to rain all weekend but finally last night after dinner I was able to get in a short walk. Felt good to be outside again. I am pleased to report that the store has my yogurt again (for the time being) so no more paying almost double to get it on the economy!

There has been some personal issues going on that I am trying really hard to not let it get to me. Well I finally broke on Saturday. I would call it a binge. I ate because nothing filled me up. I wanted to forget about what is going on. Clearly the food didn't work because the issues are still there. Why did I do it? I have no clue because the sad part was well I was eating I was thinking about needing to stop. I knew that I was regretting everything I put in my mouth. I am just lucky we really don't have much to binge on. For once being behind on grocery shopping has payed off.

It is so hard to to hit these speed bumps in this journey. Some blogs never hit speed bumps or they at least make it seem that way. I wonder when I hit one if that isn't normal. Should I be over the speed bump phase already? I feel like I should have this down by now.

I am scared that when I get to goal weight if I hit a bump along the way that I will throw in the towel. This is something that I have to work on as I go along so that when I get to goal I know better how to handle these days. I know there will be bumps because there are bumps in this life. It is only expected. It is how I learn to handle them that is what is important.

Well I am off to eat dinner. It was hot in the gym and I am hungry!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 163

Finally Friday! Not that I work or anything but it means that I get to see my husband for more then 2 hours a day! Friday is my whatever day for working out. I decided to go running/walking outside. It was 14c when 10 this morning. I wanted some sun and it was perfect. Now since I am learning to run more then a block I have a question. My lungs were burning. Does that go away after I learn to run more. I went 1.25 miles in 17 minutes and I have no clue if that is good or not. I ran more then I walked and I think I could of pushed myself more if my throat wasn't on fire. Any suggestions on the burn?

Whats funny is how much the friends that we make on these blogs play into our lives. I wanted to stop running a couple times but Dawne kept me going even though she has no clue. I just kept thinking about her running and how much she talks about just going a little more. Thank you Dawne for pushing me all the way from Canada!!!

One day I will run on the beach and I want to do it well I am over here in Germany! That is my new goal!!

Ex Hot Girl wrote a blog on being obsessed with the scale. I thought that I would share with you my obsession with the scale.

I weigh myself every morning after I go to the bathroom and I am up and walking around for a little bit. Nothing enters my mouth until I have stepped on the scale. I will randomly step on the scale during the day but every night after before I go to bed I get on the scale. I want to see how my eating and drinking went for the day. If I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, know matter what time it is I will step on the scale. This occurs every time I get up during the night no matter how many times. I wouldn't call that obsessed would you? OK so maybe I am a little obsessed but I am at the point in my journey where the number does matter to me. Nothing at this point will change how much the scale effects me. As I get closer to my goal weight I hope I can tone it down. Though from previous attempts to lose weight I think I will need to be a everyday scale junkie. It might be the only way.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved." -Ralphe Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 162 Weigh In

I am getting annoyed with the scale. I have been working out, eating better and giving up foods that aren't good for me. The study about diet soda causing you to not lose weight or gain weight I am thinking is a joke. I gave up soda for other reasons though. Like Aspartame. I guess I thought maybe the weight might come off a little more. Nope. I will take what I can get though.

This week I am down .9 of a pound. If there is anything I am learning it is that I never have big losses but I have been doing this for 162 and I haven't thrown the towel in. Hopefully this will help when it comes to maintenance.

I have sat down and worked on a new exercise program to follow when I start working. I will be working 9:30-1:30 but they close the roads down on post till 7:30 for PT for the soldiers so going to the gym in the morning is not going to happen. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast. I can't go back to my old habits. Instead I will leave with my daughter at 7 and go on a walk/run. This will help me get into running. I will do Zumba Monday nights and Friday nights when I can. I am thinking about taking a Zumba class on Saturday when I am not going anywhere. It is also a different teacher so we will see. After work I will go to the gym and do weights 3 times a week. I hope maybe switching things up a little might show favors on the scale or even inches. I will take inches as well!!

I really would like to be down 10-15 pounds by the end of the school year which is the middle of June. I am motivated more though now that I see the changes. I have to finish what I started. I can't give in even though the scale hates me.

"Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character." -Stephen Covey

Day 161

I have news that is good and bad. Well maybe bad isn't the best word. I took a part time job. Fours hours a day. Not bad right? Except that there goes Zumba during the day. I have kept from looking for a job because of Zumba. I can still go Monday nights but I like my 3 times a week. Anyways I am going to be playing around with a new schedule for the gym. I don't start until next week so I was able to go today and tomorrow.

Last night well I was doing dishes my husband and daughter that it would be funny to make fun of my pants. I was told that I looked like I shit my pants,where was my ass, mom looked funny. Either way I had the last laugh because I am losing weight!! I could care less because my pants don't fit it's only because they are to BIG!!!

I have been awarded the Sugar Doll Award from Dawne at 365 Days to a new me! Dawne awarded me for always commenting her on her blog and even though I live in a different journey I am keeping faithful to my journey!

The rules of accepting the award are:

1. Thank the person.
2. Write why the person awarded you.
3. Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers and write how they have made your life a little sweeter.
4. Notify the 5 of the award.

I am going to award...

Project 365 What can I say besides she is an such a big inspiration. In fact this week I got back on the treadmill all because of her! She has so much motivation I think she could lend some out to others of us!

KatieJ Full of tips. I swear she always has something interesting to share and might I add she is doing a give away on her blog right now. We share a love for Target to!

Diane has been through a lot this year but is still going strong. She shares the oddest exercises I have ever seen and I love her righting.

Marcelle Even though she is on vacation she has taken me under her wing. Any time I don't know what I am doing here in Germany I know I can ask her. I can't wait to visit her again and run with her!

Sunshine Mama I just started following her blog and I love it. Amazing woman is all I can say. Her eating is how I want to get and I love the ideas I have seen on her blog!

*Tomorrows weigh in. Fingers crossed*

"Habit is second nature, or rather, ten times nature."
-William James

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 160

Sunshine Mama did a post on blizzards. We must of been thinking the same thing because just last night I was telling my husband how good a blizzard would be. Once again Germany saved me without even trying.

I am a little down this week but that is because of life. Finding a job here is not easy and when other people like to flaunt everything in front of me just drives me nuts. I can be happy for a person so long before it gets annoying. Right now I am passed annoyed and I just want to go home back to my old friends that did not feel the need to compare lives.

If anything it upset me enough last night that I didn't even really want to eat. I guess that is good.

Zumba was fun and for an hour of the day I got to forget everything that is getting to me. Boy I sure wish I could go back and redo my life. I would be a lot happier.

I am ending this because I don't want to have such a negative blog.

"Time, patience, and perseverance will accomplish all things." -Unknown

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 159

Today's workout was the elliptical. That is one machine that I don't really like. I would rather go on a walk, do a class or swim but that isn't always the option. So today I did 1.75 miles. I wanted to stay longer but the girl I was with only wanted to do 20 minutes. The machine kept telling me to slow down because my heart rate was to high.

I am surprised I lasted that long and didn't want to get off. I haven't been on one in forever. I guess it means Zumba is working!

I am starting to see changes in myself. I looked it up today to see what I weighed at the wedding. That was the lowest I had I been yet I feel different. I feel like now you can finally see a change. I am only down 12 pounds. My thoughts are that Zumba is doing more then I thought and not having all the fast easy choices the states offer might be playing into it.

Example: Saturday after the concert I was hungry. If I had been in the states we would of gone somewhere. Being here there is nothing open when the concert ended after 10. So we came home and I went to bed to avoid late night eating. Clearly I think America needs to look into all the convince they give us. It is hurting most of us. Just my opinion though.

I am really happy that I started this journey now and didn't wait any longer. I remember ever since I met Chris I have been "losing weight".Well we are going on 5 years and now I finally have taken action to do something! To bad it took this long though. I am really close to my next goal! Hopefully I will hit it this weigh in!

"People become successful the minute they decide to." -Harvey Mackay

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Such a Tragic Loss....

I did not follow Bethany's blog but some other bloggers that I do follow have mentioned in there blogs about Bethany's passing. She was only 33 years old. She was a wife and a mother of 2 young children. She passed away well shopping Friday night of a heart attack. She had a heart condition and was pushing to get the weight off. Well I know she is in a better place this is a tragic time for her family. If you would like to leave your condolences here is the link The Great Reduction. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Day 157 & 158

Friday and Saturday were busy for us. Dinner Friday night & lunch Saturday were eaten out. Unfortantly there are not really good food choices on base but I did my best.

Friday night we went bowling! I bowled 2 games and didn't snack on anything. The only place for dinner that was open by the time we were done was Burger King. I was eying the shakes the entire time I was there and thought what is wrong if I have a small. I haven't had that kind of ice cream since July 2009. I have been craving it so bad and my new lifestyle is supposed to work with me eating what I want still. Just in smaller portions. Well I went to get it and the machine was broke. Maybe God was trying to tell me something.

Saturday we went to a parents meeting for soccer for Rachelle and then the fun began. Waiting in line for an autograph from.....Kevin Costner

Singing at the autograph session. We were less then 5 ft. away.

What a great concert!! That man still has it in him and boy is he sexy!! I wanted to bring him home.

Front row at the concert made it even better. I haven't been that lucky in a long time!

Normally I would of wanted to stay home and avoid this. It would of meant trying to find clothes that would fit, getting depressed by the skinny girls that show up and plain just being uncomfortable. Not now. Now I am ready to go. Except I am trying to find clothes that fit once again. This time around I am smiling because of the reason that they don't fit! This time I was enjoying myself and not worrying about what others thought about me. This time I didn't feel like Chris was married to the fat girl. Life couldn't get any better.

On a non weight loss note after yesterday my husband finally see's why I want a new camera. Any suggestions on one and what not to get? I am looking to upgrade big time!!

"If you can move a grain of sand a day, eventually you will move a mountain. " -George Sotiropoulos

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 156

For those of you that weigh yourself everyday and I am not sure how many if there are any do you have the luck I have? I weighed less on Wed. and today then I did yesterday on weigh in day. I tell you it happens every week to me. Just wondering if anyone else has the luck that I do.

Living in Germany I am a little behind on news. Certain things won't play because we are out of country so sometimes I only hear them from you.

Today well I was reading Log My Loss today I learned about woman wanting to weigh 1,000 pounds. Really. Is she insane or missing a few pieces to the puzzle. I really don't think that she should be allowed to have a child with her. What kind of message is she sending her daughter? Her boyfriend supports her decision to well pretty much kill herself with food. To top it all off men pay to watch her eat food on a web site. All of this is so wrong I really have no clue where to start to process it all.

I also read about a teacher that is going to eat school food everyday this year. Just like the kids. When I was a manager at a middle school cafeteria most of the kids were reduced or free. It is cheaper to let the kids eat at school then make the lunches. Some people think with government guidelines the food is healthy. Let me tell you I have been on the inside. It isn't. In fact I used to bring my own food to eat for breakfast and lunch. Take that with the fact that most schools only do gym once a week and there is the part of the answer to the obesity in kids. Check out the blog here Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project.

I am going to have to catch up on reading her blog as I find this really interesting. I know when I worked at the school the choices they gave the kids where ridiculous. Some parents had no clue what there kids where buying.

On a last note I received a beautiful post today from South Africa!! Thank you Marcelle. What a wonderful place you call home.

"Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes."
-Brian Tracy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 155 Weigh In

Time to weigh in again and this week I am down 1.1. pounds. I am happy with my loss but once again I am wondering why it seems so slow. I will take it though because in the long run all of these little losses add up. I am over half way there finally. Seems like a long time coming.

Today was another day of Zumba and weights. Boy am I sore but I love knowing that I am doing something. The sun is shinning and it is getting warmer. Hopefully spring has finally decided to come to Germany.

I decided to try on my new shirts last night. Well they are big. I am thinking I could of gone for a medium. Even when I was smaller I always wore medium or large. I am 5'9 so even at 120 pounds a small shirt was never an option so I thought for sure I needed a large. I think I might keep them and wear them to the gym. Right now I am wearing XL shirts and I finally realized that wearing clothes that are to big for you make you look even bigger. Maybe I am losing a lot more inches then pounds right now. I am going to have Chris remeasure me this weekend.

I am so happy that I have chosen to make these changes head on. I am finally starting to get to the point where looking in the mirror doesn't depress me. Instead of trying to find clothes I can fit into I am trying to find clothes that won't fall off! It is the best feeling in the world.

Finally this new lifestyle is making sense to me. I am reaping the benefits of health. I am lower my risks of cancers and diseases by making myself healthy. There isn't a better feeling in the world!! I am making myself healthier.

"Don't you get it? This very second you could be doing something you love and dream about doing. So do it! NOW!" -Unknown

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 154

Today I ran to the post office wondering if I would have anything waiting for me. I was super stocked to receive my scale to weigh my food. The instruction book does scare me a little but I will do my reading tonight on it. I also received a few shirts that I ordered in a smaller size. I will try them on tomorrow.

Is it sad that even though I have lost 26 pounds and yet I am still afraid to try anything new on. I am afraid that I haven't lost enough weight yet. Even though my current clothes are falling off of me I still am afraid. I don't want to know if I still haven't lost enough to go to a new size yet.

I went to the gym today and did weights and Zumba. Zumba killed me today. In fact everyone in class was dieing. It was great. We had a guy join us today that has done Zumba at another base. He is at our base for a week doing work and decided to try this class. His conclusion-The class was more intense and he took moves away from it that he could use in the club! Now you see me love for this.

I think I am going to order my heart rate monitor this week. Seems we are having a Zumba conference in April. 4 different teachers coming to teach. I really want to see the calories that I would burn in that day and of course everyday I go to the gym!

My husband is getting his car fixed tomorrow!! So soon I will have a life again.

Yes I bought another plant. I want spring that bad.

"The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labor." -Mike Litman

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 153

I am so excited!!! I got to go to the gym today. I did arm weights, abs and Zumba! Thank god I was able to go because it took me until almost 5:30 last night to talk myself into doing a video. I really can't believe what a great mood going to the gym puts me in!

I have decided that I might start doing the elliptical on non Zumba days and skip the treadmill. I want to start running outside when it is warmer and everyone talks about there being a difference from the treadmill to the ground so maybe I will start my running right on the ground! I am still messing around with it. The girl I go with wouldn't go for doing both but I was tossing that idea around today as well.

I am craving juice lately and I am about ready to give into a 8oz. glass. This "new healthy lifestyle" posses to be a little more interesting now that I have given up Aspartame. I am all about getting the most for my calories and grabbing the sugar free stuff made it easier. Now that I no longer allow myself to have that I have to spread out what I eat a little more. As I get better at reading the labels in German that will give me more options but as of now I still only have the one store on base to get stuff.

Today at lunch I was being made fun of because of how picky I am. We were talking about what I feed Rachelle and I told them I give her Activia yogurt. Somehow that was funny. All the yogurt on base has Aspartame so I have to get it on the economy & that one I know is safe. Why would I only give myself good food and not my child? My husband was like " Am I supposed to be reading these labels cuz i am not." I was so mad I told him I didn't give a ____ what he puts in his mouth but I want to know what I am putting in mine. Am I doing something wrong? Should I just not care?Only worry about myself? I guess everyone has a right to eat what they want but why is what I am doing so funny??

"To be a winner, all you have to give is all you have." -Unknown

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 150, 151 & 152

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for the birthday wishes! My husband brought me home a wonderful arrangement of flowers...

These ones Rachelle got me!

It was an interesting birthday. I was alone until 7 when Chris & Rachelle finally got home. I had made a low fat shepherds pie. It ended up in the trash and I ended up eating yogurt and fruit for dinner.

We did got out for Thai and I forgot to take pictures. I was so hungry by then all I wanted was my food. The waitress was German with a great lack of English skills. I ended up getting sweet & sour pork. Needless to say I forgot it was deep fried and I didn't finish it. They do have a soup that I love beyond words and we will go back and I will remember to take pictures!

It was a little annoying that some Germans walked in about 15 minutes after us, had more people on there ticket and still received there food first. Guess that is what happens when you become the foreigner.

The scale is slowly moving in the right direction and I am so happy! I feel like I have been stuck in a rut since January.

I received a very cool birthday gift! I always like to use olive oil over the can spray but I feel like I end up with to much. Well look what my mom got me!

I can fill it with olive oil and spray away! Hopefully now I can get in my healthy oils without freaking out over the calories!

I am not going to lie but right now exercising has become a chore. I hate videos. I spend all morning and most of the afternoon talking myself into doing it. I know it shouldn't be that way but right now it is. I hope to snap out of this soon. I have come so far to throw it all away over videos. Hopefully we can get the car looked at this weekend. Oh how I miss the independence of the states and everything that comes with it.

I keep hearing that it is going to warm up but it has been windy, snowing and raining everyday. Oh how I want to walk outside again where it is warm. Maybe start running.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

"It doesn't matter what you are thinking, or what fear you have, if you just do it! Action is the only thing that matters... I can see that at the end of my life, I am not going to look back and say, 'I wish I had taken more action'." -Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 149

Wow the 10 weeks are up and I can honestly say that I am not as pleased with myself as I could be. It seems like the 10 weeks went fast so now I know I need to stay on top of this lifestyle change more.

*Work out at least 6 days a week...I thought I would be able to do this and I am not sure why I didn't but I seem to always just get to my 5 days in. Hopefully I can continue to work on this even more as it warms up.

* Do 30 push ups a day & sit up's (yes they will be girly push ups)... Once I was getting to the gym I was doing the machines which I was fine with to replace this. Now I am back at square one.

* Eat fruit & veggies everyday... I am happy that I have given fruit and veggies a front place seat in my new lifestyle. I start the day with fruit and end the day with veggies!

* Drink at least 48oz. of WATER a day... All I drink is water now. Who would of thought.I do drink more then the 48oz of water to.

*Workout twice a day... This goal also changed when I started going to the gym. I didn't feel the need to work out twice a day when I was going to they gym.

Something you may not know about me is I love interior & exterior designing. I could send hours in stores like Lowe's. I have a dream to have a backyard with fountains, lights strung from big trees, stone paths, ect.

I just had to share some pictures. Sorry.

On a last note I didn't hit my birthday goal weight. I am short 3.2 pounds. On the other hand though I know for sure that I am at least 20+ pounds down from what I was last year. So I will take that. We have decided to go out for my birthday tomorrow night instead of tonight. I will take pictures of whatever food I end up ordering. Should be interesting.

"What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do." -Bob Dylan

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 148 Weigh In

Today is weigh in day and though I was pretty sure I was going to have a gain I had a loss. That never happens considering it is TOM. I had to get on the scale more then once to make sure but I am down. Not much but either way it isn't a gain. I am down -.6. I will take it. I guess all that scrubbing paid off yesterday.

Here is an update on my new Aspartame free lifestyle...

* To date I have been diet soda free including regular since January 19
*I have changed my yogurt
*No longer enjoy gum
*Read everything before I buy it~ In fact I made a Sunshine cake this week and had to stop myself from grabbing the sugar free jello.

I am getting a lot better at not reaching for the sugar free items anymore. Infact when I see them I don't even bother looking. I am still only drinking water but right now I am OK with that. So far I haven't really been craving anything else to drink. I think as it gets warmer it will be even easier.

I decided to try Amy's Veggie Burgers today for lunch. I put two together with low fat cheese because I am behind on my eating today. Topped it off with hot sauce and now it is in the trash. It was nasty and there are 2 more in the box. Note to self. I could never become a vegetarian.

Instead I am eating a PBJ. Cut the serving size of the peanut butter and jelly in half so I am good! Off to do a exercise video before I talk myself out of it.

"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." -Napoleon Hill

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 147

Due to an unforeseen incident at work involving my friends husband she has to get a job. With Chris using my car until he has time to take his to get worked on there goes the gym. Hello to my lack of love videos. I am so upset you have no idea. I felt like I might be getting somewhere and I have to stop. I just don't feel the burn that I do with the gym. I have no clue when my husband will get the time to take his car in. What can I do though. Suck it up and move on.

I have also decided to look for a part time job. Something at the school so that I can be home for Rachelle but something that gets me moving and so that I feel like I am helping out in this marriage. Hopefully I will be able to get to the gym early if I do find something.

Yesterday I was able to do Zumba and weights so today I will do a walk and jog video. If it was nicer out I would go for a walk/run but yesterday the cold wind was blowing so bad that your nose would freeze just from walking to the gym from the car. Maybe this afternoon if it gets warmer I will. The wind here is not stopping and I was going to do a video but I did some serious cleaning instead. I mean toothbrush to the grout on the bathroom floor. I have never spent so long cleaning 1 bathroom in my life. I also vacuumed, mopped shook out all zillions of rugs I have in place of no carpet, wipped things down, ect. So that will be my work out today.

As for TMI I also started today so I am not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. Guarantee I will be up. So there goes my birthday goal. Oh well. What a week this is turning out to be.

I decided to try a new fruit.BLACKBERRIES.I do not like them. I can do raspberry's, strawberries, & blueberries but not blackberries. I am off to Market tonight to look for some new yogurt. We are out and I can't start tomorrow morning without any. With my cravings I may even need it tonight!

I wanted to let everyone know of a give away over at Endurance Isnt Only Physical. She is giving away a cool running shirt so be sure to check that out!!

"Winning is not a "sometime" thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit, unfortunately, so is losing."
-Vince Lombardi

Day 146

So as part of the joys of life is adapting right? Dealing with changes as they happen. Well here is a new on for me. The commissary no longer carries my yogurt. Instead they have replaced it with a brand that is in German. I have no clue about it and the nutritional facts seem to lack as well as the ingredients. So I will be buying my yogurt off the economy which sucks because that means an atm fee and more money coming out due to the euro being more then the dollar. Joys. The only other yogurt they have there has aspartame so I will not get that one.

I also went to get my Flax Cereal I was telling you about that I add to my yogurt. Well they are currently out. I tell you I felt like screaming. So I decided to try another box of oats.

I like it but I am missing the other box. I guess I enjoyed my flax plus more then I thought.

My friend received some bad news and might have to get job right now. We go to the gym together but now that might not happen. Chris's car is over heating so he is using mine which means I am again with no car until they allow him time to take his car.

I am starting to really get frustrated because just when things were starting to look up I might have to stop going to they gym until I get my car back. The joys of A) The Army & B) Living in a country where the people freak out if they work more then 6 hours a day so nothing is open by the time my husband gets off.

Sorry to vent. I just really enjoy the gym that much and when I can't get there I get frustrated.

OK so I am having an issue with eating out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know to stay away from things covered in sauce but what do you do when you get a menu in all German with a waiter that knows JUST enough English to get your order & that is pushing it. This is my life for the next 2 years and I want to try new places. This weekend we are thinking about trying a Thai place. Any suggestions would be great....

"Society may predict, but only I can determine my destiny." -Clair Oliver

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 145

These are pictures from this weekend. Snow wasn't supposed to be in the forecast but it was. I am so over it. I was looking at running shoes today as the snow fell like we were having a blizzard. Why bother at this point. I will wait a little longer.

I am finding eat out a little tougher then I thought. I wasn't going out as much and when we did eat out it was on post. Lately we are going out and trying new things. Maybe I will have to up the exercise even more.

Today we went shopping which meant I walked more then I normally would! We also went to the gym this morning and I did the treadmill and weights. Weights is going to start being 5 days a week.

I also found a clothing store that I absolutely fell in love with. We will call it my motivation store. I refuse to buy any new clothes until this summer. I am not buying winter clothes because I plan on not being this size next winter. I refuse to be this size.

I am hoping that adding weights will help me out but I am scared that the scale will move the other direction. I have been doing weights for over a week now so we will see. Either way I cannot avoid the weight room. If the scale goes up well I start this out then it does. I want to tone up so it is the risk I will take.