Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 143 & 144

I am finding trouble with my up coming birthday. Yes I may not be up there yet but I am up enough that I spent one night prior in bed crying. Crying because I do not want to get any older. Crying because I feel like I am wasting my life. What a mess I am. I wanted to weigh less then I am for this birthday. I will weigh less then last year though. The number to be exact will be later this week. I am investing in a heart rate monitor as soon as we find out the lovely bill for my husbands car. I tell you the luck we have is lacking but we are still blessed. With only one income I don't want to splurge just yet and if I am going to buy one then I am going to buy a good one.

I did order this scale today though. We received gift cards from Sears and I really need to know how much meat I am eating. I have a scale that I bought that isn't digital and I hate it.

Product Description

An ultra thin, glass Nutritional scale from the World leader in kitchen scales-Salter.This Nutritional scale not only weighs foods up to 11 pounds/5kg-it tracks daily food intake for improved health maintainance.The 1406 will calculate weight,calories ,fat, cholesterol,fiber,protein,sodium and carbs for over 900 preprogrammed foods.The unique read out displays all nutritional values on one screen.The recall memory allows for for easy daily calculations on the 900 foods.

~ Weighs & Tracks Daily Food Intake For Improved Health Maintenance
~ Calculates Weight,Calories,Fat,Cholesterol,Fiber,Protein,Sodium & Carbs
~ Unique Readout Displays All Nutritional Values On 1 Screen
~ Recall Memory Allows For Easy Daily Calculations

Hopefully I didn't order something so out there I get confused using it. Fingers crossed it gets here in one piece.

There was a lot of eating out this weekend. Friday was Greek and Saturday we went to Bamberg. I started the day with my yogurt, oats and fruit but it was all down hill from there. As for drinks I had water. I really need to figure out a better way to eat or we have bad luck. We asked for English menus and well it was all in German. Some places have menus that are in German with what it is in English. Not our luck yesterday. The food sucked and all in all I feel like I wasted calories for nothing but I did need to eat. Here is some pictures of the food ordered yesterday.

These pictures are from an Italian Restraint we went to for lunch.

The guys hated to food so much that we went to a German restaurant so they could eat again. They didn't dig that either. Us girls only ordered water. We can't eat 24/7 like they can.

These came from a Mexican Restaurant we went to for dinner.

We did do a lot of walking though and I can't wait to go back when it was warmer. We just missed way to much because of the cold and the wind. Going into some of the shops though I noticed that there clothes look really large. There XL looks like I would swim in it and there belts I could jump rope. It was like this in all the stores.

Tomorrow hitting the gym to do the treadmill and weights. Also so more shopping this week which in Germany means walking. There aren't lot of parking lots in front of stores like in the states. You park in a parking garage and walk which is fine by me.


Tiff said...

I don't know, that food looks pretty delish to me :)

Fran said...

I hate it when you go out for dinner and the food just doesn't taste good. Waste of money and indeed calories.

Sweety don't bother to much about your birthday: you're doing great on your weight loss journey, you're a beautiful person with a loving husband and daughter.

And remember: if someone's old it's me compared to you :)

Lacey said...

That food looks really yummy! That sucks that it didn't taste too great.

I'm having the same problem with my birthday, it's stupid one silly day can make you re-analyze everything and feel crummy about it. But I'd say in the last year you have done some really amazing things. You faced your fear about going to Germany, you've faced ALL your fears in Germany like getting a license and figuring out how to deal with the lack of English, you've lost nearly 30 pounds, and you've survived living so far away from your family and friends. You've started blogging, you've taken so many awesome pictures, you've taken up cooking, you're taking Zumba classes... All in all you have had one an amazing year! And I'm sure the next one is going to be even better!