Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 164,165 & 166

I went to the gym this morning. Did the elliptical and the bike. I also did a little abs but I think I ate to close to going to the gym because it made me sick to my stomach. Went back to Zumba tonight.

This weekend I wanted to to get out and walk or run. It decided to rain all weekend but finally last night after dinner I was able to get in a short walk. Felt good to be outside again. I am pleased to report that the store has my yogurt again (for the time being) so no more paying almost double to get it on the economy!

There has been some personal issues going on that I am trying really hard to not let it get to me. Well I finally broke on Saturday. I would call it a binge. I ate because nothing filled me up. I wanted to forget about what is going on. Clearly the food didn't work because the issues are still there. Why did I do it? I have no clue because the sad part was well I was eating I was thinking about needing to stop. I knew that I was regretting everything I put in my mouth. I am just lucky we really don't have much to binge on. For once being behind on grocery shopping has payed off.

It is so hard to to hit these speed bumps in this journey. Some blogs never hit speed bumps or they at least make it seem that way. I wonder when I hit one if that isn't normal. Should I be over the speed bump phase already? I feel like I should have this down by now.

I am scared that when I get to goal weight if I hit a bump along the way that I will throw in the towel. This is something that I have to work on as I go along so that when I get to goal I know better how to handle these days. I know there will be bumps because there are bumps in this life. It is only expected. It is how I learn to handle them that is what is important.

Well I am off to eat dinner. It was hot in the gym and I am hungry!


Fran said...

We all have bumps in life, I'm sure you won't throw in the towel because you've come so far.

I'm not much help at dealing with issues and eating, I do it myself.

But I sure hope your issues will solve soon and you got peace in your mind again.

Great job on the exercise today Sarah!

Diane said...

Don't give up Sarah and don't beat yourself up. It happens to all of us. Even thin people have moments when they turn to food for comfort. It is natural, I think. After my grandmother's funeral we all gathered for a big meal and thought about my grandmother's cooking...

Just don't turn to food everyday for everything that happens in your life. You are doing great and I have confidence that you will continue to move forward.

Have a fantastic week.

dawne said...

EVERYONE falters. We all make mistakes, overeat and regret it. It's life and you are normal!

It's awesome that you recognize why you were eating. You also realized that the binge didn't help the problem. So, you have to feel the feelings of the problem and make choices as to how to deal with them.

I'll be praying for you!!!! Love ya. xxxx

logmyloss said...

I feel for you, and I feel like I am right there with you. I have been hitting speed bump after speed bump lately. Perhaps we are both about to come out of this. I hope so.

Lacey said...

Hopefully I'll be on tomorrow to chat. This time difference is a pain in the ass, and I'm having "speed bumps" myself. It was so much easier when I could just pick up the phone at night and un-whine! (Get it? Unwind, but also whine? HA.)

Anyway, you're doing great! You know this! I swear you guys need to move to Arizona next so I can learn to Zumba. (You know from experience that I will NEVER dance without someone dragging me, lol.)