Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Holiday down!!!

With all of these holidays coming & birthdays & parties I start to hide in the house so that I don't have to go to any. It's the only way to get out Well not really but sometimes it is a thought. Thursday was Thanksgiving but also my daughters birthday. She know is 12! This was just some of the food that was there when I took picutres. We had a turkey for every family. Pretty much what happened was everyone wanted their traditional food so we had food from every family.

Honestly I was a little worried. My friend & I tried to make every dish that we could diet friendly. I weighed myself this morning to see a loss of 6 ounces!! I will take it!! I would rather have a loss then a gain. I have a Holiday party this Friday for my husbands unit & then Saturday night we are going out for a friends birthday. I can make it through Dec. ALIVE!!! I KNOW I CAN!!

Pictures of dinners clearly is not going to happen because I forget about it until it is time to write blogs. Since Thursday though it has been leftovers because there are plenty & tonight it is the same again!!! Turkey, turkey turkey!!!

Now I am off to decorate some more. I am all over between cleaning, Christmas decorations & of course online shopping because that is the only way to go over here in Germany!!

PS... I will be participating in a flash mob on Saturday at Media Mart!!! For the Americans that is like Best Buy. We are taking over the store to do some ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Now lets pray they don't call the Polizei!!! I will let you all know what happens next week!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I guess it's OK

I guess my 4 ounce loss for the week is OK. I mean considering I had a bad back & my exercise, well I still did do everyday was not hard core like I like. I did take today off as we went drove 3 hours to do some Christmas shopping. We did a lot of walking but I know that does not do anything for me anymore.

This week is my daughters 12th birthday & Thanksgiving. My goal is to maintain this week. Well my goal really for the holiday season is to maintain. Last year I lost a pound over the holidays last year. If I lose again that would be great!!

I totally spaces taking pics of my dinners. Something I have not done in a very long time. I need to get back into it.

I took off exercise today & went out of town to shop. My exercise for this last week was

6 workouts
2307 calories burned
4 hours & 33 mins.

I hope to improve on this big time for this week!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Once A Week

I have been thinking about coming back to blogging for awhile. I am at a point in the journey where I need to relate to others that are on this journey & unfortunately I have no friends with me that share this journey. It seems that I needed to come back when I received an email from my friend Marcelle asking that I come back to blog even once a month. I have decided that I will blog once a week. I have been reading blogs just not commenting.

Since my last blog I have gone to the doctor & been denied having the insurance paying to have a tummy tuck. This has put a damper on my wanting to lose anymore weight but I think I have mentally gotten over that hump.

Here is my workout schedule up to mid December

Sundays ~ Zumba (morning) Run (evening)
Monday ~ Gym (focus on arms & abs & legs once in awhile)
Tuesday ~Zumba (evening) Short walk after
Wednesday ~ Gym (focus on arms & abs & legs once in awhile)
Thursday ~ Zumba (evening) Short walk after
Friday ~ Run
Saturday ~ Zumba (evening) Short walk after

When I am at the gym I will start with 15 min. cardio on the treadmill then one day I will do machines & on the other night I will do hand weights. End with some Sauna time & of course I am going to start with some tan time!

I am also thinking about taking photos of my dinner every night. Hoping this gets the scale moving though it is holiday season so my goal at this point is to not gain!!!