Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Holiday down!!!

With all of these holidays coming & birthdays & parties I start to hide in the house so that I don't have to go to any. It's the only way to get out Well not really but sometimes it is a thought. Thursday was Thanksgiving but also my daughters birthday. She know is 12! This was just some of the food that was there when I took picutres. We had a turkey for every family. Pretty much what happened was everyone wanted their traditional food so we had food from every family.

Honestly I was a little worried. My friend & I tried to make every dish that we could diet friendly. I weighed myself this morning to see a loss of 6 ounces!! I will take it!! I would rather have a loss then a gain. I have a Holiday party this Friday for my husbands unit & then Saturday night we are going out for a friends birthday. I can make it through Dec. ALIVE!!! I KNOW I CAN!!

Pictures of dinners clearly is not going to happen because I forget about it until it is time to write blogs. Since Thursday though it has been leftovers because there are plenty & tonight it is the same again!!! Turkey, turkey turkey!!!

Now I am off to decorate some more. I am all over between cleaning, Christmas decorations & of course online shopping because that is the only way to go over here in Germany!!

PS... I will be participating in a flash mob on Saturday at Media Mart!!! For the Americans that is like Best Buy. We are taking over the store to do some ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Now lets pray they don't call the Polizei!!! I will let you all know what happens next week!!!


blackhuff said...

Cleaning, decorations and Online Shopping sounds so good now. Enjoy every minute of it.

Fran said...

So cool Sarah that you are doing a flashmob Saturday. Hope someone will film it and you share it with us. This will be so much fun for you.

Food for Thanksgiving looks delicious. And of course you will survive December. Here in Holland in December we celebrate 4 days in December: 5 (Sinterklaas), 25 en 26 and 31. A weight watchers leader told the group once: there are only 4 days in December where you might eat to much, that leaves 27 days where you can eat healthy. I always keep that in mind in December although, like you, I have more events planned than just these days. But we'll manage, both of us.