Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

Well I can safely say that I made it through the holidays without a gain! This is surprising to me because I truly felt like I may have over done it a little more then I should of. I am sad to admit though that when I went back & looked at my weight at the beginning at 2011 I am only down 4 pounds. That's it. 4 flippin pounds in an entire year. I feel like I wasted the entire year. My friend asked my how many inches I have lost over the year & I am unsure. So this year I took my measurements. I have gone down sizes so I guess well the scale did not move the measurements did.

My daughter & I

I do feel like it is time to step up though. I have a big birthday coming in March & I would really like to be down 10 pounds. I have 2 1/2 months to do it in & well I know it is doable I have no clue why the scale is not moving anymore. I do exercise everyday. I do need to find something different or to add. Not sure what.

Here is my last week of 2011. This was easier to pull off as I was on vacation so work did not get in the way!

I do know I want to plan out my meals better & add more weight training to my exercise. Also eat a little cleaner.
New Year's Eve

My meals right now are looking like

Breakfast ~ Activia with fiber, fruit & oats
Lunch ~ Salad, soy pudding with fruit & Nature Valley Oat Bar
Dinner ~ Is whatever I make

My biggest issue is when I get home to dinner time. I am thinking about a protein shake. I need to know what my snack will be. I think will help a lot from the mindless munching I do until dinner.

2012 WILL be the year I get to the weight I want to see on the scale!!!

Does anymore do protein shakes & if so what kind of protein do you use?


Sabrina said...

I do protein shakes! And I've been using Designer Whey 100 calorie protein!

Fran said...

I only use protein shakes after long runs (meaning longer than 8K / 5 miles).

We have the same goal for this year and I'm sure we both will reach it too.

You look fantastic, you and R. could be sisters instead of mother and daughter.

To lose more weight you could try variation in all your meals, so your body doesn't get used to the same breakfast or lunch. I've read that this helps in weight loss.

And I believe variation in your workouts is good too. You run, do Zumba so weight training should be a good thing to add.

Good luck! Hope you will blog more but if not I'll be cheering for you on DM.

Happy New Year Sarah.