Sunday, January 8, 2012

I owe it to me!

I need a change. I write about it all the, I think about it all the time. I think I am OK with losing 60 pounds & since I have a normal BMI for the first time in years I am not pushing myself. Today though I realized that I owe it to myself. I have come to far to just stabilize. I owe it to myself to get these extra 20 pounds off. I am at my first goal weight. A weight I thought was going to be good but I am here & it is no good.

I have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I have never gotten past a week because I get bored. Well I see people that do the entire video, that stick with it & get results. I owe myself that. So starting tomorrow that is my Day 1!

I also have Jillian Michaels shred it with weights. My plan is the 30 day shred then after the 30 days pick up Shred it with Weights!

I know I can do this. I owe it to myself to be happy with what I see looking back in the mirror!

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Fran said...

I think that's the right attitude: you owe it to yourself. And in the end we do this for ourselves too because we're the ones that have to walk around in this body.

I did the Shred once and got to 10 days and then stopped because of boredom. Now I'm mixing the various levels with all my other workouts and I'm not getting bored. I have the Shred it with weights too but haven't tried it yet. I'm going to use normal dumbbells for that workout because I don't want to buy a kettlebell for just 1 of my workout DVD's.

Good luck, you can do this, it's only 20 minutes a day.