Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To be honest...

To be honest my weight went up 5 pounds... To be honest it is back down again. It scared me though because I knew 5 turns into 10 which turns to 15 & so on. I am so happy to get back down again.

I have also been in the hospital last week because the week before that I got so dizzy I hit my head & passed out at work. No clue what happened. They have run test & things have come back fine. I do have leaky heart valves whatever that means. I still have to do an MRI & vision test. I have to wait until Feb. 14th before I can even get my referrals so who knows how long this may take.

We are playing the waiting game right now with the Army. The game that tells us where we go next in our lives & when. I personally am not ready to move from Germany. I have found it "safe" for my eating & weight. The restaurants are not like in the states. The food is fresh & there are not fast food places everywhere you go. Moving is going to be the biggest challenge I think I will have to face. Hopefully I have come far enough in this journey to make it!!

I am sorry I am all over the place with this post. Right now that is what is in my head. Thoughts going everywhere.


Fran said...

First: I'm happy to read another post of you.

Good that you let them check out everything after passing out and glad that the first results were good.

I would go crazy not knowing when or where I would go :) Too bad the US doesn't have a base in Holland :) I believe they did about 15 minutes from my home and it would have been awesome if you would move there. You can easily maintain your healthy lifestyle here. But you can do that where ever you will live. You've done it for so long now, it's in your system, I'm sure of that.

Keep my fingers crossed your other tests are good too.

Marcelle said...

I read this the other night before going to sleep and then forgot to comment!!!!!!! am a terrible friend I know.
I think you are doing well with your weight loss....
Yes its time to push a little more and I will suggest should you need it. Otherwise i'm still here to take your weekly weigh in and motivate u to continue.
Please let me know as soon as you do as I want to come down for the my last photo shoot of you for your memories...and get u and Angie together for a few...

Sabrina said...

I am catching up on a long list of unread blogs. I am a bad reader sometimes!

I am happy to see you are still fighting and got your weight back where you wanted it. The creeping pounds are the worse!

Keeping my fingers crossed for your test results and the waiting game!