Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 300-311

Sorry I have been MIA again. Just when I was getting back into blogging life happened. Blogging is important but not on my list of things that has to be done. Everything around me is falling apart and unless you are married into the military or have a spouse that works from 530am - at least 7 pm & pulls 24 hour duty on weekends then you really have no clue the stress that I am going through. I don't mean to come across rude or not claim that you don't have stress because everyone does it is just that with the Army you have to do what they want & they are not about family like they claim.

I am so stressed that I have an upset stomach 24/7. I can't sleep & all I want to do is eat. I know that eating is not going to solve anything yet I do it. I am back to being overweight again. Yup an endless cycle and I swear I sometimes want to just give up. Today I decided to eat an entire bag of these M&M's & after I ate them not only did I still have the problems but now I had the guilt of eating an entire bag of M&M's.

I am starting a new workout plan & hopefully it will work.

Tuesday~Cardio,Arms & Abs
Wednesday~Cardio,Legs & Abs
Thursday~Cardio,Arms & Abs
Friday~Cardio,Legs & Abs
Saturday~Zumba or Cardio & Abs

So far I am 2 for 2. Today I almost talked myself out of staying to do weights. I get off of work at 2 & went straight to the gym. The guys start coming into the gym around 2:30 & later to do PT. Which means I have to share with the guys & I am really uncomfortable doing that. I did about 15 minutes then I decided to just end with half mile run around the track.

Tonight I made sweet potatoes. Marcelle's way. Then I topped them with the turkey chili I made yesterday & a little bit of Weight Watchers Shredded Cheese.

On one last note my daughter started 5th grade yesterday. Which means this is her last year in elementary school & next year starts middle school. I am not sure I am ready for that. Time really does go fast when you aren't paying attention. This makes me want another kid.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been so busy that I have had no time to write blogs. I have hardly had the time to comment but for some reason I feel that I should comment on blogs before I write my own. So if you do get comments but I am not writing a blog it is because I am short on time but feel it is more important to read your blogs then write my own.

Anyways on to the news. I have added workouts to do past Zumba. Now when I finish Zumba I do some more cardio as I am finding I need to burn a lot more calories. I am trying for at least 600 a day. I know once I start working again next week I won't be able to do Zumba except for Monday nights so I have been messing with the machines to see what I like. I have also added weights as I am seeing more lose skin hang & it is nasty.

I can say that I am starting to see a difference. Finally starting to see a difference. Of course I see a picture of myself and it all goes away. Not digging the pictures still.

Today was weigh in day and I lost. 3 weeks in a row I have lost weight. 2.1 pounds. How the heck I have lost over 1 pound 3 weeks in a row is beyond me. I guess counting calories & changing up my workout at the gym is what I needed.

I only have 13 more pounds to go to get to my goal weight. A weight I think I might have to change. I really don't see 13 pounds being enough now that I am a lot closer to it then I thought. Either way I am finally NORMAL!! My bmi is in the normal spot. I am finally healthy. I have moved from obese to healthy! One thing I do find interesting is that all bmi charts are different. One says I can go as low as 125 and another says 130 for my height of 5'9. Either way I think those weights are unrealistic for me to maintain. I have lost 40 pounds so I will update a picture sometime this weekend.

Well off to clean the house. School and work start soon and I need to get caught up on cleaning and what not. We are down to one car still so I am taking my husband to and from work and running errands and the gym. Needless to say the house isn't up to my standards.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 290-292

I haven't been this tired in a long time. I have stayed up until 1am the last 3 mornings watching Desperate Housewives (I have never watched it) & then going to do Zumba. This morning I had to get up at 5:45 to take my husband to work. His car is in the shop. I hate taking naps during the day and I haven't but I am finding that I am not able to sleep at night again. My brain won't turn off. It is getting annoying. I just want to sleep but all I can do is think. I have never taken any kind of a sleeping pill but I am considering it big time.

Now on to the exciting stuff. Today is my weigh in day. Here is how it is looking. I lost 1.3 pounds. So far I have lost 38.5 pounds & I have 15.5 more to go. Looking at myself though I do feel I might need to lose more then 15. I guess I will see when I get there I now have 1.5 pounds to lose before I am considered normal & no longer overweight.

I joined Weight Watchers back in 2008 to lose weight for my "big wedding". I still have my old book & like to look to see what I have lost total even though I have gone back & fourth with the dieting since then. Well as of today I have lost 50.5 pounds. Sad part, when I look in the mirror I don't see a change of that much. Granted it has been over some years but still.

Well that is all for today. I am so tired & I need to keep moving so I don't fall asleep & become more off schedule.

(Pictures from today are from Turkiye. I am still editing them.)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 287-289

This weekend was so so on eating. I either eat nothing or everything. Last night we to the movies and I did have some popcorn. Changes I did make compared to the old me was I got a water instead of soda and added nothing to the popcorn. I am not big on it being soaked in butter but I always had them add just a little. Not anymore.

Today was an off day and I am not sure why. My breakfast was coffee. 50 whole calories. Lunch came in at 480. Snacks at 410. That left me with 490-840 for dinner. I made homemade chili with turkey. No clue really how to figure out the calories on that but I am sure that I ended fine.

I did go back to the Sparkpeople page and edit my goals to include the weight I wanted to be at and by what time( I had joined this site about 4 months ago but never used it). Anyways when I went & changed that and my workout goals it upped my calories to 1430-1780 a day. Guess we will see how that goes with the scale. I am finding it a little nicer not to have to worry about staying under 1550. We are always eating out or doing stuff and trying to stay at 1550 was getting interesting. I haven't hit 1780 but knowing it is there if need be is nice. I will give this a month to see what happens. If the scale doesn't move then I will drop calories myself back to 1550.

Tonight I went to Zumba and burned 525 calories. This weekend we are house sitting and I will be next door to my best friend who also walks her dog 3 times a day so I will be going with her!! Hopefully it will be warm. I am dying to jump on the trampoline.

Pictures are from vacation. I am still editing them. Boy can you waste an entire day sitting on your butt doing this.. So not good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 286

It's finally Friday & of course it is cold & has rained all day and still is. Really if Germany could just work with me and my long for summer a little longer that would be great. I am losing my tan from Turkiye and it is upsetting me. That tan sure did cost me a lot of money..lol

Anyways I got on the scale this morning and was sure I would see a gain. Mainly because when I have a loss like that the next day isn't that great. Well I lost another 2 ounces! Well that is nothing it make me happy! Maybe I am giving counting calories my all because this is something new or maybe becasue I know I have to send Marcelle a photo every week. Either way I am not complaining.

Breakfast~banana with peanut butter 249 calories
Lunch was Popeyes~470 calories (not the best choice but I had NSV well there)
Dinner~ Thai food (restaurant)
Snack~Wheat bread & peanut butter 185 calories

Today I skipped Zumba so my friend could go. They canceled on site daycare & I know how bad she wanted to go. So I offered to babysit well she went. I played hide & seek to include all 3 levels of the house & had to carry the 3 year old up & down each time. I say I got a good work out just doing that.

Hopefully going to Zumba tomorrow morning! Then not sure what the weekend plans are.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 285

This is going to be lots of information compared to my normal post so bare with me please. Taking care of a sick husband yesterday and napping through me off. I hate napping during the day but I guess I needed it.
These pictures are of my first day of counting calories.

Of course I only had 1 and taking a picture of it on the scale would of made more sense but I am still in learning process.

Breakfast pretty much is the same thing which I guess is good. Makes counting calories a little easier.

Not the smartest move. The roll alone was 168 calories. Boy oh boy how I love the German bread.

My calories totaled 1,313 & I burned 604. Not bad for a first day I hope. Yesterday I consumed 1412 & burned 502.

My new favorite snack is anything with peanut butter. I am not safe with peanut butter. If you gave me the jar and a spoon I promise you will get back an empty jar. Now I remember why I stopped buying it. Maybe for a snack..peanut butter & ice cream. Sounds yummy!

Counting calories has made me think twice about the things I chose to put in my mouth. Hopefully this is the key I need to get the scale moving again.

No this is not my goal weight & clearly not my weight. I just felt the need to update my scale picture for my weekly weigh ins. Anyways I lost 1.5 pounds from my last weigh in. On a side note though I didn't weigh in last week because I was in Turkiye so I guess I could always divide the number between both weeks. Then it would make more sense..lol Either way seeing the scale move and to a new number I haven't seen in many years is nice. It is a very good mood lifter. Many thanks to Marcelle who showed me counting calories really isn't that hard. Seems like I am the type of person that gets in a routine and I hate to change it. Well maybe I just needed to change it. Guess we will see after next weeks weigh in. I have 2.9 pounds to go and I am normal again. So close. Hopefully I will be there soon! Once I am normal I will have lost 40 pounds so I will post a new picture.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 284

Today won't be a regular blog as I am not feeling well. Had a dentist appt. this morning where they numbed me up and I thought it wise to go to Zumba right after. Everyone was surprised I was there and I thought it was no biggie until the end. I just wanted to go home and rest.

It is my husbands and I's 4 year anniversary today and we planned on going out for dinner but my mouth is sore and he was sent home on quarters meaning he can't leave the house. He is still sick with some sort of virus. Funny thing is the first two he was deployed and last year he had to take care of a soldier so I spent it eating frozen pizza with Rachelle. This year we are both blah. We are such winners I tell you.

Tomorrow I will post pictures and numbers. Off to lay down again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 283

This is all it has been doing since I got back from vacation...Rain

Wow..3 days in a row of posting. You all better watch out. I am thinking that maybe by not posting I wasn't holding myself accountable. It was easier to hide from you guys becasue the scale was driving me nuts then come right the same thing on there as always.

So to add to my plan I have come up with something. This will be the first time that Marcelle hears about this idea. My husband and her are the only two people that know my weight. When I was doing Weight Watchers is was easier to push myself becasue I knew every week I had to prove to someone other then myself my weight. I still can't put my weight out there for everyone to see and I doubt that I ever will. I am ashamed where I have let myself get to.

So Marcelle here is my proposal..... Would you be willing to get a email every Thursday with me standing on the scale with my current weight? Maybe if I know someone else is watching closely it will push me more.

I am also going to post a picture off all the foods I ate today tomorrow with the total of calories I ate and burned. Pretty much my blog is not going to be that interesting. Lots of numbers.


I think that says it all. This is my new bracelet that I got in the mail the day before I left for Turkiye. I ordered it from Jen at Priorfatgirl. First off it is my favorite color and I am thinking it worked well I was in Turkiye. I mean I could of come back with a lot worse gain then 1 pound.

Well I am off to figure out my calories for dinner. I really don't want to boil my gluten free spaghetti in a separate pan but I don't see any other way around it. Dang those extra dishes I don't want to do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 282

OK so now that I am back from vacation and ready to go I just need the weather to work with me..lol Since we have been back it has been rainy & cold. Well it may not seem so cold but when you just came from temps. around 100 this is cold.

We also came back with some sort of bug. I wasn't feeling well Friday and Saturday and yesterday Chris was running a temp. that got up to 102. He still isn't feeling well today and I am tired and my tummy hurts. Really wanted to go to Zumba tonight but I think that I will start fresh tomorrow.

Things I am going to change are I have joined SparkPeople. I am going to start counting calories. I love graphing things and being organized so I hope this helps. They also had a free app. for my Iphone so it is already downloaded. They have put me on a range of 1,200-1,550 for my calories. I had bought a scale but never really used it to measure food. After visiting Marcelle I realized I can zero it out after I add something to the bowl every time. I swear sometimes I just don't think.lol I have been using it a lot more now that I realize if saves a lot on dirty dishes!

I would like to make a graph for exercise. Once again marking things off and graphs make me happy. I am all about organization & this is right up my alley. As for exercise once school starts I will only be able to do Zumba on Monday nights. I really feel that I need to mix it up. On that note though I still have till the end of the month to do Zumba 4 days a week and I am going to do it because I love it! i also realize that I need to get back to doing weights. Something I really don't enjoy.

I am really hoping that changing this up is just what I need. I am tired of maintaining at the weight I am at. If this was my goal weight I would be good to go but it isn't. To me the number matters and I am far from it.

So I am off on counting calories and I guess I will see where I am in a couple months. I will work on a graph for my exercise and start fresh. Tonight I am taking it slow though as I do not feel well and just found out a friend of the family died.

*After I wrote this my daughter was invited to the bowling alley so I decided well I was there I could do Zumba. Needless to say I was dressed and dropped her off to find her chasing me b/c they were closed for today. Just my luck. Guess I will hit the gym in the morning.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 265-281

Sorry I haven't written here in awhile. I was busy packing for vacation and taking time to rethink my goals and such. It was really hard for me to give everything I had for the week I was gone and training to walk away with no loss from the week. In fact I walked away with a messed up knee and lost a toe nail. The entire thing. That was a sad day for me. Either way what I did learn is that Marcelle has patience of a god for putting up with me. I also learned that I can do a lot more if I put my mind to it. She taught me I can go a little further every time if I just put my mind to it. I also wanted to make sure that I didn't go backwards on vacation with what I did do.

Well I went on vacation and I can back with a gain of a pound. I am pleased with that. I went to a resort in a foreign country where finding anyone that spoke a slight amount of English was a sign of luck. Most of the time I ate food that I had no clue what it was or what was in it. As much as I wanted to keep my weight in control I also wanted to try things I knew I never would get the chance to try again. I am also sure I ate some stuff I probably wouldn't if I knew what was in it. I made sure and had a little of mostly everything every meal. It was payed for already, why not.

With the heat and humidity I drank a lot of water. I mean a lot so I am sure that helped keep my weight where it is. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. More then I liked to but it meant I had to walk from wherever I was to the bathroom and back!

So now that I am everywhere today I will end by saying that I am back and ready to go. Tomorrow I will share with you my new plan. Things I walked away with from time with Marcelle. I am sure a lucky gal for knowing her as a friend and even luckier being able to spend time with her!

I will do my best to get caught up but please don't expect a comment on every post I missed. I can't believe how behind I am. I will be busy reading them though. I never knew it was possible to miss so much in a week.