Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 290-292

I haven't been this tired in a long time. I have stayed up until 1am the last 3 mornings watching Desperate Housewives (I have never watched it) & then going to do Zumba. This morning I had to get up at 5:45 to take my husband to work. His car is in the shop. I hate taking naps during the day and I haven't but I am finding that I am not able to sleep at night again. My brain won't turn off. It is getting annoying. I just want to sleep but all I can do is think. I have never taken any kind of a sleeping pill but I am considering it big time.

Now on to the exciting stuff. Today is my weigh in day. Here is how it is looking. I lost 1.3 pounds. So far I have lost 38.5 pounds & I have 15.5 more to go. Looking at myself though I do feel I might need to lose more then 15. I guess I will see when I get there I now have 1.5 pounds to lose before I am considered normal & no longer overweight.

I joined Weight Watchers back in 2008 to lose weight for my "big wedding". I still have my old book & like to look to see what I have lost total even though I have gone back & fourth with the dieting since then. Well as of today I have lost 50.5 pounds. Sad part, when I look in the mirror I don't see a change of that much. Granted it has been over some years but still.

Well that is all for today. I am so tired & I need to keep moving so I don't fall asleep & become more off schedule.

(Pictures from today are from Turkiye. I am still editing them.)


Marcelle said...

Are you tired from watching DH or are you tired cause you cant sleep?? there is a huge difference.

I do understand the mind not wanting to switch off, I have it so often and then am grateful I dont work cause I have no idea as a housewife I feel like that at times imagine working full time and having schedules and meetings the next day.

GOOD ON THE WEIGHT LOST THIS WEEK. and i can see a huge difference from you when i saw you in December to now so dont be so hard on yourself....x

Sunshine Mama said...

Hey, one pound at at're in the trenches and you're doing a good job slugging it out.

Isn't editing fun? Sorry you're so tired. Maybe don't nap, just "recline and rest" You'll feel better.

Deal! I'll trade with you. Is the rain cold? Could I step out in it and cool off? Ha! Ha!

Sabrina said...

My brain won't shut off either. I am guessing it is pretty common problem. Just need to fight your way through, and find something that works for you.

I LOVE LOVE Zumba. I wish I could go more. Congrats on your weight loss. You are looking awesome! Don't worry about the mirror. The mirror and I have a war going on that has enough battles for the both of us. You're almost there girl!!

Lacey said...

I think you seriously need to look back at some old photos. Then you will see what I see, which is that you have lost SO MUCH WEIGHT! You're looking fantastic! You see the new you everyday in the mirror, so maybe it just seems like you're not making as much progress as you really are. Because dude, YOU ARE MAKING AMAZING PROGRESS. I'm in awe.

I'm having insomnia lately too. Hm.

I love all your photo editing. :-)

logmyloss said...

Congratulations on the loss!

dawne said...

I'd take that loss any day!!!!!!!!! You and Rachelle look like sisters! You look so young and beautiful Sarah.

Fran said...

50 pounds is really a lot Sarah, don't be too hard on yourself. When I see a picture of you I see a beautiful woman!

Don't you just love DH? I can't wait till it starts on tv here again, we're always a bit behind at the US so we have half of last season to watch.

Maybe you should try a nap? I don't like to take them either, I usually wake up more tired than before and it takes an hour to feel human again but I did take one this afternoon. Got up at 5.20 am this morning and we're having a party at our house which will not end before 1 at night at the earliest so that would have been a long day. I woke up an hour ago and still aren't totally awake yet :lol: