Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 287-289

This weekend was so so on eating. I either eat nothing or everything. Last night we to the movies and I did have some popcorn. Changes I did make compared to the old me was I got a water instead of soda and added nothing to the popcorn. I am not big on it being soaked in butter but I always had them add just a little. Not anymore.

Today was an off day and I am not sure why. My breakfast was coffee. 50 whole calories. Lunch came in at 480. Snacks at 410. That left me with 490-840 for dinner. I made homemade chili with turkey. No clue really how to figure out the calories on that but I am sure that I ended fine.

I did go back to the Sparkpeople page and edit my goals to include the weight I wanted to be at and by what time( I had joined this site about 4 months ago but never used it). Anyways when I went & changed that and my workout goals it upped my calories to 1430-1780 a day. Guess we will see how that goes with the scale. I am finding it a little nicer not to have to worry about staying under 1550. We are always eating out or doing stuff and trying to stay at 1550 was getting interesting. I haven't hit 1780 but knowing it is there if need be is nice. I will give this a month to see what happens. If the scale doesn't move then I will drop calories myself back to 1550.

Tonight I went to Zumba and burned 525 calories. This weekend we are house sitting and I will be next door to my best friend who also walks her dog 3 times a day so I will be going with her!! Hopefully it will be warm. I am dying to jump on the trampoline.

Pictures are from vacation. I am still editing them. Boy can you waste an entire day sitting on your butt doing this.. So not good.


Marcelle said...

Love the editing of the pics...makes then so interesting.
You are doing well with the calories...I give myself 1 600 per day and went over once, last friday...otherwise keeping in...although it says I should have 1 800..can u imagine I cant lose on 1 600 how will I do that on 1 800.
Good that you going to do a lit of walking this weekend...will make you burn calories.
Am ready for you this Thursday....lets see what that scale gives me...x

Sabrina said...

I always give myself some wiggle room on the calories. With my Android cell phone it is so easy to track my calories, scan the barcode and go. Before that I was using Spark people. I love Zumba so much, such a great work out!

dawne said...

You look HOT in the picture with the black bathing skirt!

Lacey said...

I loooooove that last picture! Totally amazed over here. For real. FOR REAL!

Sunshine Mama said...

What a beautiful place to vacation at!! Love all the scenery!

Fran said...

I'm at 1500-1700 calories a day so that gives me some space in what I eat. Think it's wise of you to do the same.

About the homemade chili. What I do is weigh everything before I use it and write it down. R. eats about the same amount of food as I do so I can divide the amount by 2. I also have my scale on the dinner table so I can weigh my potatoes for example.

logmyloss said...

A good walk is always so refreshing to me. In fact, I miss the dog we were dog-sitting because it forced me to do something I enjoyed (how strange to write that). The trampolene sounds fun too. My kids have a trampolene, but I have always been skepticle of jumping on it because of my weight.

Tiff said...

Looking GREAT girl! Keep up the amazing work! Looks like you've been having fun!