Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 264

So my luck isn't always the greatest. As my mother says in our house "If it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck at all". Sometimes I feel that is very true. I have given everything I have this week. I have sweat like I never have. Eaten less calories then I have in a long time.Exercised longer then I am used to and burned about 3 weeks calories in less then one week.

My weigh in today had me down .5 a pound. Now to top that off guess what showed up last night? Yup TOM did. See where my luck is. I am hoping that after that passes the scale will move. I have also had no movement in the bathroom area. Pretty much I think my system is in shock. If there is one thing I have learned it is that I am still going. Even with the scale not moving I am still working out. This morning wasn't so great as I had really bad cramps. I could of done so much better then I did but it hurt to move.

Tonight I had a burst of energy. No clue where it came from. The workout seemed easier tonight then this morning. All of a sudden I am walking up the hill thinking when am I going to get it & it hit. I am going to beat this hill & I did.

Tonight I realized that even though I didn't lose weight I learned I have more in me then I ever thought. I can eat 1500 calories a day & not feel light headed or hungry. Who knows that weight may come off once TOM is over. I also learned that even though the scale doesn't move it is possible to keep going. It will move. I didn't gain over night & I won't lose over night.

Morning Exercise~PT Class, 1 hr. 02 min., 404 calories
Evening Exercise~Walk/Run, 4.93 miles, 1hr. 07 min., 705 calories

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 263

Boot Camp Day 4

This morning I had to push myself to make it up one of the hills. I wanted to stop and rest or even turn around but Marcelle was waiting at the top of the hill and she has invested to much of her time for me to turn around or stop. Guess what? I made it. I am finding it harder each day when I thought it would be getting better but she reminded me that it takes 2 weeks before it will get easier. This makes sense as I would never really of kept going had I been home doing this myself. I would of assumed I was out of shape and that after 4 days it hadn't happened so it wasn't going to happen. By the time I go home I will be at 6 days. Pretty much half way there.

I leave for vacation in a little over a week and pray that I can burn at least 500 calories everyday that I am there. I am sure with everything to do I will. It will be staying away from the food and alcohol. It's already been paid for so I will have to be really strict with myself.

On Saturday we have a friends birthday party to go to. She is doing a BBQ & then wants to go out clubbing. I am skipping the BBQ and I have already told my husband I will be the DD so I can get out of drinking without telling everyone why. Seems when you are losing weight or watching calories that doesn't really fly with most people on why you shouldn't drink. I will be better off being the DD.

Well cutting this short as I am tired and it has been a long day.

Morning Workout~ Walk/Run & some AB work, 3.77 miles, 1hr. 6 min., 611 calories
Evening Workout~ Walk/ Run, 4.35 miles, 1 hr. 09 min., 709 calories

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 262

Boot Camp Day 3

The day started out by going to the neighbors for a PT session. This is something Marcelle is doing to help the woman lose the baby weight (she has the cutest baby boy) & the neighbor was kind enough to allow me to intrude on there session.

To me mixing up workouts is something I like. Marcelle really had us working all parts of the body. We had to cut the workout short so Marcelle and I walked around the block. I have to hit at least one hour per session.

Breakfast everyday is yummy fresh fruit, oats & yogurt. Boy am I hooked on fresh blueberries. Who would of thought.

Something tells me I am not going to want to leave Germany. I love the bakery's here. Marcelle has once again shown me something yummy for lunch. Meat on this is salmon.

This is a peach. Something I have never seen. Has anyone else seen this kind peach before?

Dinner was chicken, salad, & mixed veggies.

Tonight's walk/run really took everything out of me. It took a lot from me but I am glad I was pushed. If I was alone I never would of pushed myself they way I need to be pushed tonight.

Morning Workout~ Fitness class & walk around block, 1hr. 4 min. 541 calories
Evening Workout~Forest walk/run 4.25 miles, 1hr. 7 min., 700 calories
Calories burned~ 1241 Calories eaten~1512

One last note. If you are curious about my day yesterday check out my other blog where on the 12th of every month you take 12 photos! It is a fun project my good friend Marcelle started.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 261


Let's start out by saying that I am out of shape and it is embarrassing. Here I was burning all these calories during Zumba thinking that I am kicking butt & getting into shape and I come visit Marcelle and I feel like I am going to die. It is embarrassing to be 28 and feel 90 when I work out with her. On the other hand it is great to have someone there to push you and literally when you are not sure if you can make it anymore take your hand and make you keep going!! It is great to have found such a great friend through blogging!

I have finally learned how to count my calories with the German products as there label is different then what I am used to in the states. Now I can go home with confidence that when I get something at the market I will know how to read the label.

Smoked salmon?? Who ever knew? Well I guess a lot of people except me. She made salmon sandwich for lunch yesterday and yummy! Something I have never had and know just another idea to go home with.

Went walking/running in the forest this morning. Well we were running at one point I misjudged the rocks and came down on it wrong. My knee went the oppisite direction as my foot and my knee is killing me but I kept going. When I got home I took off my shoe and much to my surprise I found my first running bruise or what ever you would call it!

During the evening run my knee hurt but I am sure after a good nights sleep I will be better.

Morning exercise~4.64 miles, 1hr. 12min., calories 743
Evening exercise~3 miles, 48 min., calories 438
Also swam at the pool today
Total calories burned today 1181, calories eaten 1458

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 258-260

I arrived at Marcelle's house yesterday and she had me working out in the pool despite the fact that I was sore and walked like I was 90. It truly is amazing what you can do when there is someone there to push you. Normally I would of used the excuse that I was to sore to exercise and not worked out.

Today was her normal run/walk in the forest with her friends. I was truly nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep up with them. I am not a runner & I felt pressure as I was young and should be able to keep up no matter what. Well frankly I surprised myself. My goal was not to be in front. Just not to be at the bottom of the hill with them all at the top wondering where I was. I feel like in a way I have been cheating myself. Not pushing myself as far as I can. I guess we will have to see what this week brings and I can keep up with it. I will have to figure out how to do it without someone around to push me.

My exercise today was 4.74 miles, 1 hour & 19 min. and I burned 959 calories. I will remember this day forever! Marcelle has me on no more then 1800 calories a day so this will be interesting to see what the scale does. I weighed in this morning so will be interesting to see what the end of the week brings. I would like to be down at least 3.5 pounds by the time I leave on vacation in 2 weeks. Well that seems easy we all know with my pattern of weight loss it will be tough to achieve.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 256-257

Today is weigh in day. I had a no loss no gain. I am really surprised that I had a no gain. Not after what happened yesterday. I am sure the gain will come tomorrow. Why do we have days that we want to eat everything in site. That nothing fills us up?

Yesterday I ate and ate and ate. I ate my usual yogurt,fruit & oats breakfast. Then went to Zumba and came home & it all went down hill from there. I had a hamburger from the night before, soup, Skinny Cow bar, fresh fruit bar, soda, reduced fat chips, 2 chicken fajitas, frozen yogurt, apple & peanut butter & string cheese. I think that is all. For all I know there may of been more. My husband said I may need to through off my calories & that it was OK. I said I am going on vacation and wanted to be down 5 pounds. I don't see this happening.

I guess I can do what I can do and pray to get through each day. Today was Butts & Guts class and I wanted to throw up to put it bluntly. I know realize being in a class that is not fun is not my thing. Though being in a class makes me push myself beacause I feel that I can't just up and leave. Where a video at home who sees you take it out. Clearly I am out of shape or it is because the teacher was a body builder, runs military PT in the morning and does the crossfit and PX90 class. She is MEAN.....but in a good weigh.


Tues. ~Racquetball , 72 min. 401 calories
Wed. ~ Zumba (new teacher) 61 min. 501 calories
Thurs.~ Butts & Guts, 40 min. 423 calories

It will be interesting to see the calories I burn when I visit Marcelle. Something tells me she is going to kill

*Anyone have suggestions to work on the tummy. Everything seems to be getting smaller except that and it is starting to piss me off.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 250-255

Wow so I am starting to think that I am lucky to be updating this once a week now. I have been nonstop all weekend. Everyday flows something like go to the lake, run home shower then go to our friends to do whatever. By the time I get home I drop on the bed. I am so tired.

Today I played Racquetball and only hit 401 calories. I played for an hour and 10 minutes. Boy do I miss Zumba. I am trying out a new Zumba class tomorrow well our teacher is on vacation. Will be interesting to see what happens calorie wise.

I really need to figure out what happened with the scale not moving down. It is stuck like chuck. Well I am happy that is not going up I wish it would go down.

I am going to Marcelle's to visit on Saturday and stay with her for the week. Hopefully switching up training will help.

I promise to make this longer soon but I also figure if most people are like me running around this summer shorter is a good thing to.

PS.. My exciting news that I can finally share is we are leaving in a couple weeks for Turkey!! All inclusive resort which means all I can eat and drink (cocktails). Can you see why I am a little nervous. We are going to be right by the beach though so if I spend my time there and away from the food then I might be good!! Here is where we will be...Club Golden Beach