Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 261


Let's start out by saying that I am out of shape and it is embarrassing. Here I was burning all these calories during Zumba thinking that I am kicking butt & getting into shape and I come visit Marcelle and I feel like I am going to die. It is embarrassing to be 28 and feel 90 when I work out with her. On the other hand it is great to have someone there to push you and literally when you are not sure if you can make it anymore take your hand and make you keep going!! It is great to have found such a great friend through blogging!

I have finally learned how to count my calories with the German products as there label is different then what I am used to in the states. Now I can go home with confidence that when I get something at the market I will know how to read the label.

Smoked salmon?? Who ever knew? Well I guess a lot of people except me. She made salmon sandwich for lunch yesterday and yummy! Something I have never had and know just another idea to go home with.

Went walking/running in the forest this morning. Well we were running at one point I misjudged the rocks and came down on it wrong. My knee went the oppisite direction as my foot and my knee is killing me but I kept going. When I got home I took off my shoe and much to my surprise I found my first running bruise or what ever you would call it!

During the evening run my knee hurt but I am sure after a good nights sleep I will be better.

Morning exercise~4.64 miles, 1hr. 12min., calories 743
Evening exercise~3 miles, 48 min., calories 438
Also swam at the pool today
Total calories burned today 1181, calories eaten 1458


dawne said...

Wow - there's going to be nothing left of you with those calorie deficits! I may have to book a trip over to Germany for a session with Marcelle!

Nice toe nails by the way! I like the colour. Have fun!

Marcelle said...

Sarah u doing well, remember its a different way of working out so you will find it harder...give me Zumba and I will die I bet...
Keep a positive attitude towards those dreaded hills in the forest, make them your friends.
I'm so happy you came to visit, maybe now I can lose the 2kg's I want to get rid of as well..see we helping each other here...

Fran said...

You're doing great Sarah!

But ... if you're feeling out of shape and you knee starts hurting with 2 runs a day you might consider taking it a bit slower. Replace a run with weight training or something. You sure run a lot since you're at Marcelle's and it's common known that you should build up your running.

Enough teaching: again you're doing great and it's so nice to hear the two of you are having such a great time.

Marcelle said...

Reply to Fran's comment.
Sarah is doing more walking than actual running at this stage...when we run we do short interval runs then walks.
Sarah hurt her knee by stepping on a stone in the pathway and her leg twisted ~
As a qualified trainer I am keeping an eye on Sarah's HR through out the workouts, allowing her to walk at her pace with a little bit of encouragement to up her pace from time to time.
Last night I suggested the girls who were fitter to go ahead while I stayed with Sarah at a slower pace.
I know that Sarah has to build up to be a am doing just that.
Promise am taking good care of her, I want her to leave me with the running passion, not hating it.