Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 247-249

June has come and is gone in a couple hours for me & I am not where I want to be. I wanted to be at goal weight by June and there was really no reason with the amount of weight that I had to lose that I couldn't of been there. Instead I have about 20 pounds to go and see it taking me forever to get there. It has taken me forever to get where I am now. I have about 4 pounds to lose before I am normal. I am still overweight and it is frustrating. I just want to be normal.

Today at Zumba I felt like I was going to die. I am so tired and found it so hard to keep up. No clue why. Still haven't heard from the doctor. She thinks it is just stress. I am not so sure. I really don't feel like I am more stressed then before. In fact I feel better now about life then 6 months ago yet she tells me that every time she see's me I look sad in my eyes. I am lost.

Thought I would show you my toy I got. I need to mess with it and see how I like it.

Maybe it will get me out more so I can take pictures of everything. Still waiting to see if I can share my news. This is so frustrating.I hate waiting.

Forgot to mention today was the last day of Zumba till August with my favorite teacher. What activity can I do that burns a large amount of calories & is fun. I cannot run for an hour nor will I attempt. I really don't think running is my thing.

Monday~Zumba 1 hour 3 min. 629 calories
Tuesday~ Zumba 52 min. 513 calories
Wednesday~ Zumba 1 hour 501 calories

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Days 243-246

OK so I am totally not trying to not write it is just that I have found some new wonderful friends to hang out with and I am on the go 24/7. That and the sun is out again so sitting in front of the computer is not for me in the summer. My goal now is to update at least once every other day.

Weigh in day was Thursday and I was down 1.2 pounds. That made me happy to see that the scale is starting to move again!

I went to the doctor Thursday and she had not recived any results back as they have to send them so far away. My eating is up and down with this stomach pains. One day I will eat nothing and the next I am hungry. I am finding this really hard. Also the more we do during the summer the more we will eat out. I have no clue what I am ordering half the time but I am only here once so I will enjoy Germany!

Tonight we went to our friends to watch the Germany vs. England (great game) & have a BBQ. I had to 2 shrimp kabobs, salad, a little pasta and a rib! I think I did pretty good. Then I went and jumped on the trampoline with the kids. Maybe between the tension of the game and jumping I burned some calories!

Wednesday is the last day of Zumba till sometime in August. How sad am I but I am going to go tomorrow night. I need to get all my time in I can!

Thursday ~ Zumba 52 min. 568 calories
Friday ~ Zumba 56 min. 559

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 241& 242

Yesterday was a long day. I had a doctors appt. at 2:30 and they didn't finish with me until 4:30. I get to go back tomorrow again. Yesterday they took blood, about 3 tubes worth, made me pee in a cup and at some point I have to have an ultrasound on my throat again. They found a lump right before I moved to Germany and said it needed to be watched. Well it is still there so I get to have another ultrasound.
Maybe they can figure out why I have such bad stomach pains and am so tired.

I went to Zumba the last two days and it was great! To bad the teacher is taking July off. Next Wednesday is her last day for the summer so I will make sure that I go Friday night. Have to get all of my Zumba in! It is going to be a sad month of July for me.

I have some exciting news but I don't want to share until I know for sure that it is a go! I am really praying everything works out.

Tonight's dinner is spicy green chicken enchiladas. My weakness. I did buy Weight Watchers shredded cheese to help with the fat and calories.

I am also making some changes to eating in this house. I have read that kids shouldn't have anything with Red or color number combos in the ingredients. So when I go grocery shopping this week I will be reading ingredients again to make sure nothing I get has colors with numbers. I have been reading some of the stuff I have that Rachelle loves and I have had to tell her that I will not buy anymore after she finishes them. Thinking about taking her with me so she can help read and find new healthy stuff to eat.

Its going to be a summer of change! That is my hope!!

Tues. ~ Zumba 1 hr. 611 calories
Wed. ~ Zumba 57 min. 553 calories

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 228-240

I am sorry that I have been absent from here for awhile again. I have been busy with end of the year school activities and sick. I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks now and ran a fever for 2 days last week. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to have blood work done. I am super tired and I want to do nothing. I hate this. It takes a lot for me to get through the weekends. Even climbing stairs yesterday at a water park made me tired. Hopefully I will have some answers soon.

I wanted to share with you the latest Lean Cuisine item I have tried. Baja Style Chicken Quesadilla. It was ok considering it was a frozen meal. Nothing special but better then the Weight Watchers I have had.

The next part of this is for Sunshine Mama. She talked about KFC in her blog so I had to show her Popeye's.

My meal always consists of 3 spicy chicken strips,mashed potatoes, biscuit & water. When possible I pull the skin off of my chicken. I know this meal is fattening but this is the one thing I have and enjoy when we eat out.

Even the gravy has spices in them.So good. I need to work there just to learn how to make the gravy.

Even though I get the spicy chicken I always add hot sauce to them. Yummy!

The biscuits.Well I don't even know what to tell you about them. They are so soft and buttery. I love them. They rank right under the biscuits from Red Lobster.

Well my weight has been pretty much the same since I haven't been on here. I am hoping now that school is out I can get back to me and start burning those calories. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 223-227

Sorry I haven't been on. It has been busy for me which I am still trying to get used to and juggle.

This weekend was full of drinks & food. I am finding out now that I am hanging out with this new couple I see a lot of BBQ's in the future and well I am glad that we have found some cool ass people to hang out with I am scared about how I am going to venture this new lifestyle.

No clue what I ate except I know I had white asparagus. Wasn't to bad.

Friday night I went out with all the girls from work. We went out for dinner and drinks. I had a non alcoholic drink bc I knew dinner killed me. It was a dinner that was already decided on. On of those eat what you get kind of things.

Dessert was ice cream and fresh raspberries~by the way I took off all the cream on top!

Some of the ladies from work~ I am the only American in this picture.

Saturday was a BBQ. I didn't plan on drinking much because I knew that I had to drive home and I had Rachelle with me. Well needless to say Chris had a 24 hour shift, found out we were going to be playing drinking games and payed someone to take the rest of the shift at 8pm. So we spent the night. Board games get turned into drinking games which turns into me eating. Clearly I need to figure something out here if I plan to make it out of the summer alive and not overweight.

Looking at pictures that I had taken of me when I was tipsy and didn't really care prove to me that I have a lot further to go then I ever thought. I must of been fatter then I ever thought. Pictures don't lie.

So in light of that I have decided to add my workouts everyday. When I post it will problay be a day beind because I try and post earlier in the day. My goal right now is to burn 3,500 calories a week from exercise. I was looking at where I track my workouts and I haven't been hitting that number. I have also taken 12 days off when I got sick so that is going to make it hard to get back into it. I need to average 500 calories a day or more if I take the weekend off. This should be interesting.

I look like a tent. Please don't tell me that I look beautiful or anything. All I see is fat arms and a tent. It is nasty. Really makes me feel like I am getting no where. Sometimes I really Really HATE cameras. Here I was thinking I was making progress and then I see this picture. Yuck


Monday~ Zumba 393 calories
Tuesday~ 30 Day Shred (day1) 185 calories & 2 mile run split 266 calories (will be doing something later tonight to get my calories in.
* UPDATE ~ 1.3 miles 150 calories. Was short 6 calories for a total of 1,000 for the last two days so I did 2 min. jumping jacks & running in place 19 calories. So far I have 1,013 calories for the week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 222- Weigh In

This morning before I got on the scale I crossed my fingers and prayed that it was no higher then what I weighed last week. Well turns out that maybe I should do that every time I get on the scale. I lost the 4 pounds I gained plus .6 of a new pd. So my loss from last Thursday was .6. To be honest I think I got really lucky and God somewhat slide me a pass this time. Either way I am grateful but will be a lot more careful next time. Maybe all that walking and chasing kids paid off.

Now if I can get Dawne to not leave me in the dust with this last bit of weight loss I will be happy!! She does kick butt though in weigh ins.

I woke up to it pouring rain and it has continued to rain all day. I am going to start all over with my running when it does decide to clear up. This weather really is affecting my mood. I have not exercised since last week. I think the cold I have had is almost gone. I am not wanting to push it. Hope to start fresh this weekend.

Tomorrow night all the ladies from work are going out to dinner. Both of our managers are PCS's back to the states. Saturday we are going to our friends for a BBQ. Looks like this weekend eating is going to be difficult. BBQ season is something I am going to have to figure out how to work with.

I ran to the grocery store yesterday and found came across some goodies!

These are yummy! Skinny Cow Cups. The entire thing is one serving and it was almost to much so I am sure if I added fruit I could cut the cup in half. Either way when it comes to ice cream I need it portioned out already. I am safer that way. I also bought something else from Skinny Cow and once I try it which I am sure will be tonight I will share it with you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 221

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday. I really felt like when I was writing this that some would look down on me was I pretty much was like "yup I had fun & no I don't regret it". Yet you guys were just happy that I had fun and lived life. Thank you!!!
(yes we some how ended up in

Just found out what I consider bad news to me. My Zumba teacher is going to take off all of July. This just plain sucks. One of the women I go with though wants to try and find other classes for that month so we will see. They just added yoga so I might see how that class is.

I am thinking with this weather that I have fallen into a rut. As I am typing this I now am wearing 2 pairs of socks. Yes it is that cold in this house. What do you think of me putting up here my daily exercise? I don't want to bore anyone but I need some motivation. Any ideas. This weather is really bringing me down and I have no time for it. I just can't seem to move much either.

Tomorrow is weigh in. Guess we will see the damage from this 4 day weekend. I know I am going to be upset when it boils down to everything because I will have no loss but at least I am going into it prepared..


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 216-220

Hope everyone had a great weekend for those of us that got Monday off. To be honest Memorial Day was never as important to me until I married Chris. Now that I am married to a military man anything to do with soldiers and veterans means a lot more to me.

This weekend my eating was off. So far off it might as well been in the states or Canada. We didn't decide to leave for the 4 day until Thursday at 10pm. So getting healthy food was a no go. We left Friday morning at 530. No time to grab anything there either. So Friday thru Sunday all meals were eaten out. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks. There were drinking games that were played. I really don't want to know the amount of calories that I consumed this weekend but honestly I really don't feel bad. I had fun and lived life. It was much needed and the first get away we have had as a family since we got here.

I did learn some stuff for next time. If the Army didn't wait until the last minute to let Chris know that he got Friday off we could of been better prepared. Oh well live and learn. I stepped on the scale Monday morning knowing that I had a gain and I needed to see what damage I had done. I was up four pounds. Hoping that some of that was sodium from the fries, Chinese and having to put salt on stuff to give it some flavor. Anybody that knows me well knows that I don't add salt to anything. This food lacked so much flavor that it wasn't funny. I seriously need to buy a bottle of hot sauce for my purse and carry that around.

This morning I stepped on the scale (like I do every morning) and I am only up 2.5 pounds now. So yes I will have a gain for Thursday but I will know why. There will be no wondering, no I did everything right. Instead I had fun, lived a little and know I have to get back on track.