Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 247-249

June has come and is gone in a couple hours for me & I am not where I want to be. I wanted to be at goal weight by June and there was really no reason with the amount of weight that I had to lose that I couldn't of been there. Instead I have about 20 pounds to go and see it taking me forever to get there. It has taken me forever to get where I am now. I have about 4 pounds to lose before I am normal. I am still overweight and it is frustrating. I just want to be normal.

Today at Zumba I felt like I was going to die. I am so tired and found it so hard to keep up. No clue why. Still haven't heard from the doctor. She thinks it is just stress. I am not so sure. I really don't feel like I am more stressed then before. In fact I feel better now about life then 6 months ago yet she tells me that every time she see's me I look sad in my eyes. I am lost.

Thought I would show you my toy I got. I need to mess with it and see how I like it.

Maybe it will get me out more so I can take pictures of everything. Still waiting to see if I can share my news. This is so frustrating.I hate waiting.

Forgot to mention today was the last day of Zumba till August with my favorite teacher. What activity can I do that burns a large amount of calories & is fun. I cannot run for an hour nor will I attempt. I really don't think running is my thing.

Monday~Zumba 1 hour 3 min. 629 calories
Tuesday~ Zumba 52 min. 513 calories
Wednesday~ Zumba 1 hour 501 calories


Marcelle said...

Great toy you have Sarah...when ( if ) you come to me we can walk around like photography buddies ~ now get out there and take photo's.
Walking burns walk!!

Fran said...

Have you thought about buying Zumba DVD's to do at home? Walking is a good suggestion from Marcelle but doesn't burn that many calories.

I've looked up what burns a lot of calories: biking, swimming, jumping ropes, tennis, skeelering.

Hope you find something you enjoy doing till Zumba starts again.

Sunshine Mama said...

Wow, you really do burn a lot of calories with that zumba. Maybe you could go biking. My sister will go for an hour and she'll burn like 800 calories depending on how many miles she gets in. She can't run because she has bad knees, but the biking she loves. And it may be fun for you since it's nice outside.

I've caught up on reading your blog, and I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope they find a solution. But if you have a chance to get out and socialize...that always boosts your mood too. That and exercise is something I need to concentrate on when I'm pregnant because I get down a little more easily.

Thanks for your encouragement about my intermittant blogging. I have actually noticed that the blog world isn't posting as regularily. But that's ok...because it is nice outside and this the time to enjoy it.

dawne said...

Feel better Sarah. You ARE getting seems we can't always control the time table of how fast we lose.