Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 241& 242

Yesterday was a long day. I had a doctors appt. at 2:30 and they didn't finish with me until 4:30. I get to go back tomorrow again. Yesterday they took blood, about 3 tubes worth, made me pee in a cup and at some point I have to have an ultrasound on my throat again. They found a lump right before I moved to Germany and said it needed to be watched. Well it is still there so I get to have another ultrasound.
Maybe they can figure out why I have such bad stomach pains and am so tired.

I went to Zumba the last two days and it was great! To bad the teacher is taking July off. Next Wednesday is her last day for the summer so I will make sure that I go Friday night. Have to get all of my Zumba in! It is going to be a sad month of July for me.

I have some exciting news but I don't want to share until I know for sure that it is a go! I am really praying everything works out.

Tonight's dinner is spicy green chicken enchiladas. My weakness. I did buy Weight Watchers shredded cheese to help with the fat and calories.

I am also making some changes to eating in this house. I have read that kids shouldn't have anything with Red or color number combos in the ingredients. So when I go grocery shopping this week I will be reading ingredients again to make sure nothing I get has colors with numbers. I have been reading some of the stuff I have that Rachelle loves and I have had to tell her that I will not buy anymore after she finishes them. Thinking about taking her with me so she can help read and find new healthy stuff to eat.

Its going to be a summer of change! That is my hope!!

Tues. ~ Zumba 1 hr. 611 calories
Wed. ~ Zumba 57 min. 553 calories


dawne said...

You burn more in Zumba than I do in 5K of running! It's great to make healthy choices for your family while you can, and hopefully they will become habits. You can only control the young girls for so long, so teach her while you can!

Your news...I'm going to guess you're being transferred, or you're taking a trip home.

Marcelle said...

Tell us!!!!

Fran said...

I'm just a curious as Marcelle :)

Did you get your results back today? Hope everything is okay with you.

I never really read the labels on products, kind of go with my instinct on what's healthy. Know most of it after over 10 years of on and off dieting. But I think it's a good choice you've made.