Monday, December 31, 2012

One last for 2012

I thought I would write one last time for 2012. I am up 8 pounds from my lowest weight. I hate that I am ending the year like this. Not where I wanted to be. I have had trouble ever since I moved from Germany. Hoping to get this under control with my friend Marcelle's sugar challenge! I have already gotten rid of diet soda, Crystal Light & Splenda. I have added weight lifting into my exercise & in fact I decided to end 2012 with a bang & used higher weights today.

 Goals for 2013
 - Lose the 8 pounds I gained
 - Tone up & see muscle (A part of the Bodybuilding world has really intrigued me)
 - Get rid of sugar for the most part & eat as much Organic as possible
 - Workout minimum 5 days a week

 Tomorrow I will take measurements & step on the scale & see where I am & where need to go!!! 

 Bring it 2013!!  This is my year to finally be where I want to be!


Monday, December 3, 2012


When I do things I go all the way.. sometimes to much which then burns me out. There is a fine line I have to learn. Anyways I am doing the Squat Challenge that has been going around! Excited to see how great my squats will be for 2013. NOT EXCITED to do the amount of 100. That may just take me all day.
Well last night well I was on Instagram on of the ladies I follow posted the plank challenge. Well it is for April 2012 there are a bunch of women going to do it! I thought oh hell why not! So now I am doing both challenges!! Bring on 2013! I am going to get that body I want!

I have decided to go back to tracking my calories and seeing what all I am eating. So many of the foods I used to eat in Germany have changed and now I need to start over again. Get used to the amount of variety we have here. Sometimes I want to through everything in the carts. Try all the new things that I haven't seen but I can't. I need to make it simple. I do better with simple. My daughter has been asking for lasagna all summer so I am making it tonight. Not with the spicy sausage like I usually do but with organic turkey. Hopefully she still likes it!

I still need to try out my George Foreman grill. I am hoping this helps with lunches & I can now grill smaller sizes of chicken for my lunches if I choose.

On my wish list this Christmas is $ to go towards the Vitamix Blender. The one I want is $450 which is way more then I think one should spend towards anything in the kitchen but  I see smoothies for breakfast & lunch. The one I really like is $550 but come on. That is a couple car payments.You can make just about anything in this blender. I hope when it comes time to get it I can justify buying it!! I really want one though. We have no blender at the moment since the one I had did not last in Germany. Trying to hold out but I miss having a blender.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wed. Info.

I think one of the most ridiculous reasons I left blogging was the title. I hate coming up with a title that is catchy enough you want to read. So no more stress. If it was up to me it would be title free.

 What I have realized since I moved from Germany is that I can not eat the way I used to there. The Germans do not put the crap in their food that we Americans do. In Germany I could pretty much eat whatever & I got used to that. I have gained 10 pounds since I left Germany in May. Not cool. Neither is having your husband pay for a tummy tuck & then gain weight. I am trying to bust my ass to get my weight back down. I really need to have a set schedule of eating & the times. Something to keep me on track. Times to eat. Any suggestions on how many times to eat a day? When I worked in Germany I could not eat in between meals like now. I am thinking if I have something to follow that may help. I need to get this weight off fast. Would like to start the New Year at my pre surgery weight. Breakfast is going to be yogurt (which may help my tummy), oats & frozen fruit. Lunch will be salads & dinner is whatever I make.

 Exercise for Wed. 
Spinning for 45 min. Body Pump 56 min.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Anyone still there?

I am pretty sure I will be writing this to know one. I quit blogging so I understand if this goes nowhere. Right now I am writing to try & get myself out of this rut I am in. These last 13 pounds that I want to lose are going to take forever. It has taken forever so far. I have moved from Germany so no more running at night, no more Zumba 5 times a week. To be honest it sucks. I have joined a gym and I am now doing Spinning, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow, running. Zumba is only once a week. As great as this sounds I do not really love any of these classes. Not the way that I love Zumba. My eating is all over. I am no longer working so I am munching all day which needs to stop. NOW. I need to find a job but I am loving going to the gym in the morning. I feel I have more energy. Ahhh I miss my old life. I have given up diet soda & Crystal Light. I still crave sugar. It is so hard not to go back to the stuff. It kept me full & was 0 calories. I keep reminding myself when I am feeling weak that it isn't so much the 0 calories that it is the crap that is in it. It isn't good for my body. Well I am off for now. I am making my weigh in day Friday with the hopes that the number will keep me good on the weekends!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Need help...

It is finally Spring Break & I feel like I need to start fresh. The weather is depressing & a couple times today it was snowing. Really, I mean it is the middle of April. We are still unsure of when or where are moving. Hopefully soon. I have been taking notes on weight loss & adding a few more blogs to help get ideas from. Seems that over half the blogs I started out with are no longer out there. I think I am down to about 2-3 & right now I need more. I do Zumba on 4 days a week & was wondering if 3-4 times a week of using the kettlebell would be enough? My running has improved which I am happy & I think that Marcelle would be proud of me. It has taken me a while but I realize that I am one that can not talk at all well running & I keep reminding myself like she taught me to keep my head up!! Also does anyone have a site that they use to figure out how many calories you need a day to lose weight? I can't seem to find one that doesn't give me this ridiculous amount I know I don't need.

Well I am off to Zumba tonight & tomorrow morning even though it is Easter I will be at Zumba!! Leaving you with a pic. from my birthday dinner!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I really wanted to focus on writing on here at least once a week but it seems I am so busy. Not knowing when we move or where I am throwing things out & going through them. I am trying to find time to edit photos. I still have photos from last summer to edit & I took over 300 in London which I swear is the best country I have been to so far. Weather sucked but the people were the nicest I have ever run into. Anyways this is a weight loss blog so back to weight loss....

I am stuck like Chuck on the same number for what seems like FOREVER. I really would like to lose 10-15 pounds more & I think I would be good. I have decided that I will be having surgery to remove the extra skin & my husband & I decided that I need to maintain my weight stateside for a year before I do it. Germany is easier since the fast food choices are limited & not on every corner. Being in the states will be a true test.

Will everything I have learned from Oct. 2009 until now work for me in the states. I pray with everything. I refuse to need to buy a bigger size EVER AGAIN.

I need some help. I eat salads at lunch & well I love salads I need other ideas. I am getting a little tired of the same thing 5 days a week. What are some good lunches to eat at work? My dessert is fruit & soy pudding but I need help with lunch!!

I am leaving you with a photo from London.It was taken at Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Just a quick note to say that I am off to London for a 4 day with another couple minus the kids!!! This will be a nice getaway though eating will be interesting... See you all next week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have become the person that I had managed to say good bye to for almost 2 years. I am letting the stress of my life get to me. I have not exercised, I have eaten more then I should & things that I should not. I stepped on the scale & I have gained 4 pounds. I need to nip this in the butt right now. I can not allow letting the stress of Army life get to me. Part of being a military family is never knowing anything & then expecting to change everything in a drop if the hat.

My husband just informed me that he can reenlist but we are needs of the Army. A nice way of saying you get to move where we tell you & you have no say... AT ALL. This scares me but I am thankful that they are allowing him to reenlist. That is a big weight off of our shoulders. We should now by the middle of next week.

So honestly I have done nothing but eat, work & watch TV. I need to get back to the grind but between life, this weather & the happenings of my birthday coming I am just not into it. Sad part is I know that these are excuses & I know that people have far worse things going on in there life but do not let it stop them. Unfortunately this is where I am & how I feel. I am proud of myself for at least realizing my mistakes & knowing that I need to change before it gets out of hand.

Now for a change....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I thought I would be able to write on here soon & have something positive to say. Right now my life is on hold (my husband is Army) & the stress is overwhelming. I really just want to stay in bed & do nothing. This is just a quick update until we learn more. I just feel lost right now.

P.S. I am reading your blogs just not commenting right now. This is been a hard couple of months & seems not to be letting up.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To be honest...

To be honest my weight went up 5 pounds... To be honest it is back down again. It scared me though because I knew 5 turns into 10 which turns to 15 & so on. I am so happy to get back down again.

I have also been in the hospital last week because the week before that I got so dizzy I hit my head & passed out at work. No clue what happened. They have run test & things have come back fine. I do have leaky heart valves whatever that means. I still have to do an MRI & vision test. I have to wait until Feb. 14th before I can even get my referrals so who knows how long this may take.

We are playing the waiting game right now with the Army. The game that tells us where we go next in our lives & when. I personally am not ready to move from Germany. I have found it "safe" for my eating & weight. The restaurants are not like in the states. The food is fresh & there are not fast food places everywhere you go. Moving is going to be the biggest challenge I think I will have to face. Hopefully I have come far enough in this journey to make it!!

I am sorry I am all over the place with this post. Right now that is what is in my head. Thoughts going everywhere.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I owe it to me!

I need a change. I write about it all the, I think about it all the time. I think I am OK with losing 60 pounds & since I have a normal BMI for the first time in years I am not pushing myself. Today though I realized that I owe it to myself. I have come to far to just stabilize. I owe it to myself to get these extra 20 pounds off. I am at my first goal weight. A weight I thought was going to be good but I am here & it is no good.

I have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I have never gotten past a week because I get bored. Well I see people that do the entire video, that stick with it & get results. I owe myself that. So starting tomorrow that is my Day 1!

I also have Jillian Michaels shred it with weights. My plan is the 30 day shred then after the 30 days pick up Shred it with Weights!

I know I can do this. I owe it to myself to be happy with what I see looking back in the mirror!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

Well I can safely say that I made it through the holidays without a gain! This is surprising to me because I truly felt like I may have over done it a little more then I should of. I am sad to admit though that when I went back & looked at my weight at the beginning at 2011 I am only down 4 pounds. That's it. 4 flippin pounds in an entire year. I feel like I wasted the entire year. My friend asked my how many inches I have lost over the year & I am unsure. So this year I took my measurements. I have gone down sizes so I guess well the scale did not move the measurements did.

My daughter & I

I do feel like it is time to step up though. I have a big birthday coming in March & I would really like to be down 10 pounds. I have 2 1/2 months to do it in & well I know it is doable I have no clue why the scale is not moving anymore. I do exercise everyday. I do need to find something different or to add. Not sure what.

Here is my last week of 2011. This was easier to pull off as I was on vacation so work did not get in the way!

I do know I want to plan out my meals better & add more weight training to my exercise. Also eat a little cleaner.
New Year's Eve

My meals right now are looking like

Breakfast ~ Activia with fiber, fruit & oats
Lunch ~ Salad, soy pudding with fruit & Nature Valley Oat Bar
Dinner ~ Is whatever I make

My biggest issue is when I get home to dinner time. I am thinking about a protein shake. I need to know what my snack will be. I think will help a lot from the mindless munching I do until dinner.

2012 WILL be the year I get to the weight I want to see on the scale!!!

Does anymore do protein shakes & if so what kind of protein do you use?