Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wed. Info.

I think one of the most ridiculous reasons I left blogging was the title. I hate coming up with a title that is catchy enough you want to read. So no more stress. If it was up to me it would be title free.

 What I have realized since I moved from Germany is that I can not eat the way I used to there. The Germans do not put the crap in their food that we Americans do. In Germany I could pretty much eat whatever & I got used to that. I have gained 10 pounds since I left Germany in May. Not cool. Neither is having your husband pay for a tummy tuck & then gain weight. I am trying to bust my ass to get my weight back down. I really need to have a set schedule of eating & the times. Something to keep me on track. Times to eat. Any suggestions on how many times to eat a day? When I worked in Germany I could not eat in between meals like now. I am thinking if I have something to follow that may help. I need to get this weight off fast. Would like to start the New Year at my pre surgery weight. Breakfast is going to be yogurt (which may help my tummy), oats & frozen fruit. Lunch will be salads & dinner is whatever I make.

 Exercise for Wed. 
Spinning for 45 min. Body Pump 56 min.



Marleen Swart said...

Sarah, don't stress too much about titles for your blog posts. Just blog.
I have set times I eat. They differ on the days I train though.
Non-training days:
04h45: Breakfast (I'm up at 04h15)
07h45: Snack
10h45: Lunch
13h45: Snack
16h45: Dinner
19h45: Snack
21h00: Sleep

Training days:

05h30: Breakfast
08h30: Snack
11h30: Lunch
14h30: Snack (2 hours before training. Gives me enough energy to push through my training session.)
18h00: Dinner time
20h00: Bed time

You need to sit down and work out the times that will work for you. Look at your daily schedules and plan. Good luck and I know you will succeed. You've done it before.

Fran said...

I have that title problem too. Usually I use the date and mishmash edition LOL.

I think eating times are different for all of us. The schedule above me would never work for me, I'm not even home yet at 5 pm and have to cook dinner.

What works for me is 3 meals and 2 snacks a day (usually fruits or nuts). If I have an appitite left I might eat something after dinner for a snack like a little piece of cheese.

I would suggest you try different eating times for a couple of days and see what works best for you. Meal planning will certainly help you.

Sarah said...

Thanks you both for the suggestions!