Monday, December 3, 2012


When I do things I go all the way.. sometimes to much which then burns me out. There is a fine line I have to learn. Anyways I am doing the Squat Challenge that has been going around! Excited to see how great my squats will be for 2013. NOT EXCITED to do the amount of 100. That may just take me all day.
Well last night well I was on Instagram on of the ladies I follow posted the plank challenge. Well it is for April 2012 there are a bunch of women going to do it! I thought oh hell why not! So now I am doing both challenges!! Bring on 2013! I am going to get that body I want!

I have decided to go back to tracking my calories and seeing what all I am eating. So many of the foods I used to eat in Germany have changed and now I need to start over again. Get used to the amount of variety we have here. Sometimes I want to through everything in the carts. Try all the new things that I haven't seen but I can't. I need to make it simple. I do better with simple. My daughter has been asking for lasagna all summer so I am making it tonight. Not with the spicy sausage like I usually do but with organic turkey. Hopefully she still likes it!

I still need to try out my George Foreman grill. I am hoping this helps with lunches & I can now grill smaller sizes of chicken for my lunches if I choose.

On my wish list this Christmas is $ to go towards the Vitamix Blender. The one I want is $450 which is way more then I think one should spend towards anything in the kitchen but  I see smoothies for breakfast & lunch. The one I really like is $550 but come on. That is a couple car payments.You can make just about anything in this blender. I hope when it comes time to get it I can justify buying it!! I really want one though. We have no blender at the moment since the one I had did not last in Germany. Trying to hold out but I miss having a blender.


Marcelle said...

Sarah add the plank challenge to group in January with the 30 day 30 grams sugar challenge....will be awesome. We all doing the squat challenge with it's 35 squats for me! :)
Seeing your food dairy reminds me of the one you bought for me and how much I enjoyed it....going to see if I can order one from to use from January.

You doing well...I'm also an all or nothing person.

Marleen Swart said...

It's great that you are so motivated about these challenges. I'm sure you will most definitely succeed. You go!