Saturday, April 7, 2012

Need help...

It is finally Spring Break & I feel like I need to start fresh. The weather is depressing & a couple times today it was snowing. Really, I mean it is the middle of April. We are still unsure of when or where are moving. Hopefully soon. I have been taking notes on weight loss & adding a few more blogs to help get ideas from. Seems that over half the blogs I started out with are no longer out there. I think I am down to about 2-3 & right now I need more. I do Zumba on 4 days a week & was wondering if 3-4 times a week of using the kettlebell would be enough? My running has improved which I am happy & I think that Marcelle would be proud of me. It has taken me a while but I realize that I am one that can not talk at all well running & I keep reminding myself like she taught me to keep my head up!! Also does anyone have a site that they use to figure out how many calories you need a day to lose weight? I can't seem to find one that doesn't give me this ridiculous amount I know I don't need.

Well I am off to Zumba tonight & tomorrow morning even though it is Easter I will be at Zumba!! Leaving you with a pic. from my birthday dinner!


Marcelle said...

I have a FB group called Seeking a healthy lifestyle, join that as there u don't need to blog, just whenever write something like - yahoo I ran 5km in the freezing cold today!
Or today I are too much chocolate ice cream :(
Nothing serious but we do motivate each other as well as blog on group in more detail.
Running with Kettlebell and Zumba is perfect. Get a kb video to help u along.
Remember toning is the most important part of our fitness training.
I am very proud of you, and I do remember how well you ran with me that one day. I'm doing lots of walking with my running at the moment. Will focus more on it when I get home and weather is warmer.
I would say for your height and age 1400 - 1500 is ur amount of calories needed daily. Mine is 1300

Fran said...

I have calculated the calories I need recently but it's a Dutch website, don't think it will help you much.

You are doing great Sarah, you've come a long way since I first started reading your blog. Keep that in mind on days when it seems everything goes wrong.

blackhuff said...

You are doing so well. Running again and eating well - well done.
I on that Facebook group as well of Marcelle. Great place for motivation.