Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 223-227

Sorry I haven't been on. It has been busy for me which I am still trying to get used to and juggle.

This weekend was full of drinks & food. I am finding out now that I am hanging out with this new couple I see a lot of BBQ's in the future and well I am glad that we have found some cool ass people to hang out with I am scared about how I am going to venture this new lifestyle.

No clue what I ate except I know I had white asparagus. Wasn't to bad.

Friday night I went out with all the girls from work. We went out for dinner and drinks. I had a non alcoholic drink bc I knew dinner killed me. It was a dinner that was already decided on. On of those eat what you get kind of things.

Dessert was ice cream and fresh raspberries~by the way I took off all the cream on top!

Some of the ladies from work~ I am the only American in this picture.

Saturday was a BBQ. I didn't plan on drinking much because I knew that I had to drive home and I had Rachelle with me. Well needless to say Chris had a 24 hour shift, found out we were going to be playing drinking games and payed someone to take the rest of the shift at 8pm. So we spent the night. Board games get turned into drinking games which turns into me eating. Clearly I need to figure something out here if I plan to make it out of the summer alive and not overweight.

Looking at pictures that I had taken of me when I was tipsy and didn't really care prove to me that I have a lot further to go then I ever thought. I must of been fatter then I ever thought. Pictures don't lie.

So in light of that I have decided to add my workouts everyday. When I post it will problay be a day beind because I try and post earlier in the day. My goal right now is to burn 3,500 calories a week from exercise. I was looking at where I track my workouts and I haven't been hitting that number. I have also taken 12 days off when I got sick so that is going to make it hard to get back into it. I need to average 500 calories a day or more if I take the weekend off. This should be interesting.

I look like a tent. Please don't tell me that I look beautiful or anything. All I see is fat arms and a tent. It is nasty. Really makes me feel like I am getting no where. Sometimes I really Really HATE cameras. Here I was thinking I was making progress and then I see this picture. Yuck


Monday~ Zumba 393 calories
Tuesday~ 30 Day Shred (day1) 185 calories & 2 mile run split 266 calories (will be doing something later tonight to get my calories in.
* UPDATE ~ 1.3 miles 150 calories. Was short 6 calories for a total of 1,000 for the last two days so I did 2 min. jumping jacks & running in place 19 calories. So far I have 1,013 calories for the week!


Marcelle said...

No you look awful in that picture...I won't say you look great...what i do say is ~ EVERYONE WILL LOOK AWFUL AT THAT ANGLE ON A PHOTO!!!!
I hate side photo's for that reason...Look how smashing you look in the other photo of yourself, thats the real Sarah!!

You are going to have to watch it....weeks be VERY strict so that you can enjoy the weekend just to maintain your current weight ~ for summer. Winter you can starting losing again.

You are having such a ball now ~ think 2x about coming to me this summer as you will not have as exiting time as you having now, I will have you up in the forest everyday...and watching your points!

Tricia said...

I didnt even know white asparagus existed. :)thanks for sharing

Fran said...

I agree with Marcelle: the picture is taken from the wrong angle and doesn't do you right. You look great on the other pictures.

Seems like you are finding new friends in Germany and have lots of nice and fun weekends ahead of you.

I love white asparagus, they're called "the white gold" in Holland and are only for sale in Spring.

Lacey said...

No one looks good at that angle, NO ONE! You are looking fantastic, and one thing I'm noticing most of all in your pictures is that your smile looks genuine. Not self-conscious!

Sarah, my dear, you look positively smashing. And in another week, another month, another year, you will look even more so. You're doing so great!

dawne said...

Not anyone's best angle. Anyone could angle themselves to look bigger. You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Time to start counting those alcohol cals you little boozer!!!!! :)

Tiff said...


I've missed reading your blog! I think you are looking pretty great actually :)

Sunshine Mama said...

They're all right. As a photography minor and someone who shot pictures for a newspaper...shooting a person from below them...aiming up...will make them appear larger vs. if you adjust your angle so that you are looking down at them.

That being said...I recall that I was wearing a dress where I felt like I looked like a tent last summer...the one on my sidebar and that finally prompted me to lose the weight. Don't be discouraged. Just be motivated. I like your plan to get in lots of exercise and burn 3,500 calories a week.

dawne said...

Where are you Sarah???? Dawnie misses her Sarah updates!?!?!?!?!

dawne said...

Checking in on my blogging friend. I hope you're doing okay. Last time you disappeared, you weren't "feeling" it. I hope you're doing okay. Remember, you are losing, you are looking amazing and remember how active you have become.


CINDER said...

I agree with Marcelle about the angle of the picture- However I think you look HOT in the purple top and black shorts...By the way - LOVE LOVE The tattoo...do you have a better pic of it- Just curious- you know I love tatts....