Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 221

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday. I really felt like when I was writing this that some would look down on me was I pretty much was like "yup I had fun & no I don't regret it". Yet you guys were just happy that I had fun and lived life. Thank you!!!
(yes we some how ended up in

Just found out what I consider bad news to me. My Zumba teacher is going to take off all of July. This just plain sucks. One of the women I go with though wants to try and find other classes for that month so we will see. They just added yoga so I might see how that class is.

I am thinking with this weather that I have fallen into a rut. As I am typing this I now am wearing 2 pairs of socks. Yes it is that cold in this house. What do you think of me putting up here my daily exercise? I don't want to bore anyone but I need some motivation. Any ideas. This weather is really bringing me down and I have no time for it. I just can't seem to move much either.

Tomorrow is weigh in. Guess we will see the damage from this 4 day weekend. I know I am going to be upset when it boils down to everything because I will have no loss but at least I am going into it prepared..



Fran said...

I like reading what other people have done for exercise so I say yes: post it!

I would try yoga if I were you. I did it a few times and I like it and it's a great combination with running.

I'm back at my old blog for now until my new one is working properly again:

Marcelle said...

Hey hey, its 11.40 pm and we just got in from the fair in our town, turned out to be a great evening...this morning I thought it would rain this evening but it cleared, so nice to be out and about - did lots of walking!!

Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in, not the end of the world if you have a small gain, just pick yourself up and continue...Seems we in for some good weather - so have fun and get out!!

Its a public holiday in Germany tomorrow!!!

Sunshine Mama said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun time. Heck, if you don't know when your man is going to be around...sounds like grabbing him and heading out was the thing to do.

You will drop this weight you gained so won't be a problem. The same thing happen to me if we have a weekend away and I'm eating out.

LadyRaven said...

Post your exercise. I am interested. Think of it like switching on your internal heater. I bet that if you start moving you wont be wearing 2 pairs of socks anymore :)