Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 250-255

Wow so I am starting to think that I am lucky to be updating this once a week now. I have been nonstop all weekend. Everyday flows something like go to the lake, run home shower then go to our friends to do whatever. By the time I get home I drop on the bed. I am so tired.

Today I played Racquetball and only hit 401 calories. I played for an hour and 10 minutes. Boy do I miss Zumba. I am trying out a new Zumba class tomorrow well our teacher is on vacation. Will be interesting to see what happens calorie wise.

I really need to figure out what happened with the scale not moving down. It is stuck like chuck. Well I am happy that is not going up I wish it would go down.

I am going to Marcelle's to visit on Saturday and stay with her for the week. Hopefully switching up training will help.

I promise to make this longer soon but I also figure if most people are like me running around this summer shorter is a good thing to.

PS.. My exciting news that I can finally share is we are leaving in a couple weeks for Turkey!! All inclusive resort which means all I can eat and drink (cocktails). Can you see why I am a little nervous. We are going to be right by the beach though so if I spend my time there and away from the food then I might be good!! Here is where we will be...Club Golden Beach


dawne said...

Take me, take me! To Marcelle's and to Turkey! :)

logmyloss said...

Okay, that trip sounds fantastic. It is one of the places (one of the many places) I would like to go.

Marcelle said...

LOL at Dawne....imagine me boot camping you both....heaven!!
Going on holiday is always a worry when one is trying to watch your weight....it can be done as a good time does not have to revolve around food..be active ~ that should balance it out a little.

I gave Heinz a lecture last night..NO OFFERING SARAH BOOZE WHILE SHE IS HERE..LOL
I told him you are here for a boot camp week with lots of training and good eating...it will help me as well so I am so glad you are coming...we will walk 2x a day ( with running ) we will eat lots of salad and grilled chicken...boring hey!!! \lol

Fran said...

You lucky girl: that resort looks beautiful.

Hmmm wouldn't mind to go on bootcamp with you and Marcelle, I think it would be so much fun!

Don't worry about blogging this summer. Everybody's enjoying summer and we can blog enough during Autumn/winter.

About the blogroll. If you use google reader, you could copy my website address, then go to your reader and in the left corner you can add a new subscription. Paste my address and if I'm correct my posts will pop up in your reader.

Have fun at Marcelle's but I'm sure you will.