Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 256-257

Today is weigh in day. I had a no loss no gain. I am really surprised that I had a no gain. Not after what happened yesterday. I am sure the gain will come tomorrow. Why do we have days that we want to eat everything in site. That nothing fills us up?

Yesterday I ate and ate and ate. I ate my usual yogurt,fruit & oats breakfast. Then went to Zumba and came home & it all went down hill from there. I had a hamburger from the night before, soup, Skinny Cow bar, fresh fruit bar, soda, reduced fat chips, 2 chicken fajitas, frozen yogurt, apple & peanut butter & string cheese. I think that is all. For all I know there may of been more. My husband said I may need to through off my calories & that it was OK. I said I am going on vacation and wanted to be down 5 pounds. I don't see this happening.

I guess I can do what I can do and pray to get through each day. Today was Butts & Guts class and I wanted to throw up to put it bluntly. I know realize being in a class that is not fun is not my thing. Though being in a class makes me push myself beacause I feel that I can't just up and leave. Where a video at home who sees you take it out. Clearly I am out of shape or it is because the teacher was a body builder, runs military PT in the morning and does the crossfit and PX90 class. She is MEAN.....but in a good weigh.


Tues. ~Racquetball , 72 min. 401 calories
Wed. ~ Zumba (new teacher) 61 min. 501 calories
Thurs.~ Butts & Guts, 40 min. 423 calories

It will be interesting to see the calories I burn when I visit Marcelle. Something tells me she is going to kill

*Anyone have suggestions to work on the tummy. Everything seems to be getting smaller except that and it is starting to piss me off.


Marcelle said...

YOU BURNED A LOT OF CALORIES IN THE BUTT AND GUT CLASS...I would have burned about 180 in that time. So well done to you on that.

I hope you going to enjoy all the workouts we going to do together....

Tricia said...

Eating clean and running is what really helped get my tummy down.

LadyRaven said...

Unfortunately the body loses where it wants to and there is no way to target weight loss, sucks I know but you will get there too.

P.s. at least you are posting, I need to get back to exercise (have been sick) and back to posting. Have fun with Marcelle, I am sure she will get those calories burning

dawne said...

Thank you Tricia because I have the same problem. I have heard that running takes the tummy down, but I haven't seen that much evidence of it yet. They say, give it 3 months of good running...this is my last month to go and I better see my tummy shrink! You probably did lose, but if you overate yesterday, it just didn't show up today. Time those little pig outs a little further away from weigh in day! :)

dawne said...
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Fran said...

My tummy shrinked when I started running. It´s still a pain in the ash but I´m working on that. Thinking about adding daily crunches starting next week.

I think you have lost weight when you come back from Marcelle. She´s a great PT so you will love it.


CINDER said...

That is exactly how I felt and what is even funnier my hubby said something very similar- maybe a guy thing?
I hope you and Marcelle have a wonderful time- I am jealous!!