Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 263

Boot Camp Day 4

This morning I had to push myself to make it up one of the hills. I wanted to stop and rest or even turn around but Marcelle was waiting at the top of the hill and she has invested to much of her time for me to turn around or stop. Guess what? I made it. I am finding it harder each day when I thought it would be getting better but she reminded me that it takes 2 weeks before it will get easier. This makes sense as I would never really of kept going had I been home doing this myself. I would of assumed I was out of shape and that after 4 days it hadn't happened so it wasn't going to happen. By the time I go home I will be at 6 days. Pretty much half way there.

I leave for vacation in a little over a week and pray that I can burn at least 500 calories everyday that I am there. I am sure with everything to do I will. It will be staying away from the food and alcohol. It's already been paid for so I will have to be really strict with myself.

On Saturday we have a friends birthday party to go to. She is doing a BBQ & then wants to go out clubbing. I am skipping the BBQ and I have already told my husband I will be the DD so I can get out of drinking without telling everyone why. Seems when you are losing weight or watching calories that doesn't really fly with most people on why you shouldn't drink. I will be better off being the DD.

Well cutting this short as I am tired and it has been a long day.

Morning Workout~ Walk/Run & some AB work, 3.77 miles, 1hr. 6 min., 611 calories
Evening Workout~ Walk/ Run, 4.35 miles, 1 hr. 09 min., 709 calories


Tricia said...

great job pushing yourself!

logmyloss said...

It sounds like you have a great plan for staying away from the alcohol. Great job on the workout!

dawne said...

I have a killer hill too. Sometimes, it's a mental battle for me, sometimes a physical one. You're doing so well. I hope you fall in love with running!

Marcelle said...

Dawne I am hoping Sarah does as well...

Fran said...

You did great Sarah!

Good idea to be the DD on Saturday. I'm having that with birthdays at work. It's common here that there's pie when someone has her/his birthday. At first I said I didn't want to because I wanted to lose weight.

So they said: oh come on, it's just one piece bla bla bla. Nowadays I just say I'm not hungry and don't want to have a piece and no one says anything.