Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been so busy that I have had no time to write blogs. I have hardly had the time to comment but for some reason I feel that I should comment on blogs before I write my own. So if you do get comments but I am not writing a blog it is because I am short on time but feel it is more important to read your blogs then write my own.

Anyways on to the news. I have added workouts to do past Zumba. Now when I finish Zumba I do some more cardio as I am finding I need to burn a lot more calories. I am trying for at least 600 a day. I know once I start working again next week I won't be able to do Zumba except for Monday nights so I have been messing with the machines to see what I like. I have also added weights as I am seeing more lose skin hang & it is nasty.

I can say that I am starting to see a difference. Finally starting to see a difference. Of course I see a picture of myself and it all goes away. Not digging the pictures still.

Today was weigh in day and I lost. 3 weeks in a row I have lost weight. 2.1 pounds. How the heck I have lost over 1 pound 3 weeks in a row is beyond me. I guess counting calories & changing up my workout at the gym is what I needed.

I only have 13 more pounds to go to get to my goal weight. A weight I think I might have to change. I really don't see 13 pounds being enough now that I am a lot closer to it then I thought. Either way I am finally NORMAL!! My bmi is in the normal spot. I am finally healthy. I have moved from obese to healthy! One thing I do find interesting is that all bmi charts are different. One says I can go as low as 125 and another says 130 for my height of 5'9. Either way I think those weights are unrealistic for me to maintain. I have lost 40 pounds so I will update a picture sometime this weekend.

Well off to clean the house. School and work start soon and I need to get caught up on cleaning and what not. We are down to one car still so I am taking my husband to and from work and running errands and the gym. Needless to say the house isn't up to my standards.


CINDER said...

Good Job- See all the hard work pays off...
I am proud of you!

Fran said...

Hey healthy girl! That's so cool! You are doing great, I'm proud of you!

If you have an Iphone this means we could chat too for free right? Want to?

Minced meat is how it's translated. Don't know how to explain but it's beef that's kind of chopped. Like where hamburgers are made off.

dawne said...

I am commenting from the library - it's raining on our camping trip! I am so happy for your loss. Sarah, I admire your perserverance and great attitude. You truly have changed your life and not simply dieted. This weight will stay off because you didn't give up when the going got tough! You are 5'9? I wouldn't have guessed that!

Tiff said...

Good job on being NORMAL! You are working hard and you should be VERY proud of yourself! :)

Sabrina said...

Congrats on everything! You are doing amazing. All I can say is focus on finding your sweet spot.

Where in Germany are you stationed? How long will you be there?

Lacey said...

Yaaaaaaay! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! This is AMAZING! Aaaaaaaaah!

But I must tell you, cousin to cousin, that you will NEVER be normal. As far as weight, sure! But otherwise? LOLOLOLOL! (I kid, I kid. But you know I'm totally serious at the same time, haha. I am so proud of you and happy for you and just, just, AAAAAAAAH!)

Sunshine Mama said...

Your cousin is funny.

Good job on 40 pounds down. That is AWESOME!!! You are doing such a good job. *big smile here*.

We can't wait to see your picture!

Marcelle said...

I am waiting for this weeks weigh in and is are accountable to me...I am not interested in excuses....just weigh in and send that photo!!!!!!!!!!!