Sunday, November 13, 2011

Once A Week

I have been thinking about coming back to blogging for awhile. I am at a point in the journey where I need to relate to others that are on this journey & unfortunately I have no friends with me that share this journey. It seems that I needed to come back when I received an email from my friend Marcelle asking that I come back to blog even once a month. I have decided that I will blog once a week. I have been reading blogs just not commenting.

Since my last blog I have gone to the doctor & been denied having the insurance paying to have a tummy tuck. This has put a damper on my wanting to lose anymore weight but I think I have mentally gotten over that hump.

Here is my workout schedule up to mid December

Sundays ~ Zumba (morning) Run (evening)
Monday ~ Gym (focus on arms & abs & legs once in awhile)
Tuesday ~Zumba (evening) Short walk after
Wednesday ~ Gym (focus on arms & abs & legs once in awhile)
Thursday ~ Zumba (evening) Short walk after
Friday ~ Run
Saturday ~ Zumba (evening) Short walk after

When I am at the gym I will start with 15 min. cardio on the treadmill then one day I will do machines & on the other night I will do hand weights. End with some Sauna time & of course I am going to start with some tan time!

I am also thinking about taking photos of my dinner every night. Hoping this gets the scale moving though it is holiday season so my goal at this point is to not gain!!!


Sabrina said...

I am glad you are going to be blogging again. I took almost 3 months off from serious blogging, but now I am back with a lot more love for it.

I have been taking all sorts of food pictures, though most never make my blog, it helps me see what I am eating and adjust accordingly.

Fran said...

I'm glad to hear you will be back blogging once a week, I missed you.

If someone deserves the title Zumba Queen, it's definitely you. I love it that you still do that with so much enthousiasm.

You're workout schedule looks tough but totally manageable because you don't do the same every day.

Good to have you back Sarah.

Marcelle said...

I'm so happy you decided to come back...even if only 1x a week patient as you build up your readership again....I am going through a time on my blog where not many read but the blog is for its what keeps me going.
cannot wait to hear how things go ....and happy you got your mojo back

blackhuff said...

It's really nice to see you blogging again :)
I am terribly sorry to hear that you have been denied of a tummy tuck. This is something our medical aids in South Africa, also do not cover.
I like your training schedule and can't wait to see the meals you post. Welcome back.