Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 139

Today I went to Zumba alone. Well this might not be a big thing for most people and I can go to the gym myself, no issues. A class is another story. I also know that I can't get the scale to change if I do videos at home. They just don't do enough for me. I thought that I would share a picture of the gym with you guys! Decided I was going to post this blog after I went to the gym for accountability. I went to class & I swear it gets harder every class. Love it. Stayed in the sauna 25 minutes which I think was a little to long.

I have a question about yogurt. Can you eat to much? Is there a limit on how many you eat a day? The most I have eaten a day so far is 2. I crave the stuff. I want it over ice cream. It is nuts. I just want to make sure I am doing OK if I am eating 2 a day sometimes. When I go to the store I buy 5 packages of it a time. This is half of the yogurt I buy at a time.

Katie J share a picture of some flower she received which inspired me to bring a little spring in the house. It's amazing what some flowers do to my attitude for the day. Looking at them makes me smile! I noticed even my daughter noticed them and loved them. Isn't funny what some flowers will do?

I was all excited to take my measurements when Chris came home in February. I had him take them in January before he left and well I guess the computer didn't save them. I am so mad. I really wanted to see what happened. I am going to have Chris take them again & make sure they are saved on paper also! The last measurements that saved are from Dec. 31st. I will have Chris take new ones on Thursday with my weigh in.

"Good things come to those who hustle while they wait." -Unknown


Marcelle said...

Your gym looks great...I hope to join you one day....I told Heinz I want to drive out to you for a foods etc.

I have no idea about the yogurts...I suppose having two now and again is okay...cant see the harm in it, but I personally would only have i like to have a pudding in the evening after my meal..and thats like a yogurt I suppose.

Spring and flowers go hand in hand, I also buy flowers for the house in Spring and Summer...I love it, makes a huge difference to the home.

Missing you stacks...x

CINDER said...

Flowers are awesome- I do the same and it makes a huge difference....
Yogurt- I would watch the sugar but the pro-biotics should be good for you....
I agree with Marcelle 1 should be good max two? Good for you enjoying the day!

Diane said...

Guess what? I had a dream about you last night! You were in Salt Lake City, visiting for some reason. Your husband and daughter were there too, only your daughter was only about 5 or 6 years old. We were hanging out and it was raining outside so we decided to go shopping. I have no idea what this dream means but I thought that it was funny that you were in my dream. I dream ALOT and everybody shows up there eventually!

I am eating Girl Scout cookies today. Do they have them in Germany? Do you have memories of selling or buying Girl Scout cookies? I sold them as a child, my daughters sell them... Now I just eat to many of them.

Your gym looks really nice. Tell us more about it. Hope you are having a good day :)


dawne said...

Love your flowers, glad you can get Activa in Germany and so proud of you for going to your class on your own. That says, I am taking responsibility, even if my friend isn't coming. Way to go Sarah!!!!