Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 140

Started the day out with my yogurt,oats & banana. Reminded myself to do some research on bananas. Needless to say I think I need to lay off. I have one everyday. I think I need to find some new fruit to have in my breakfast. I totally forgot to many bananas make you, well not regular. I think the banana may be the issue because the Activia sure isn't working. Sorry to much TMI in know.

Did 30 min. of weights before Zumba and ended with the sauna! Met for lunch with the husbands. Mine wasn't able to come though. He has class in another town right now. I had brought this with me to try....

Not happening. This is why every diet I have ever done has never worked. I hate the food and I can't eat it if I don't like it. I think it taste like chalk not that I know what chalk taste like. Took a couple bites and gave it to my friend. I wasn't going to waste my intake of food on something I did not enjoy.

Went went to the store after and I bought fresh strawberries and some frozen fruit! Something different from the bananas.

Well seeing what all I could buy and not need my favorite candle is on sale this month and seeing how it is my birthday month and my husband sucks at presents I bought 2 of these

Don't tell my husband. These were the big ones and even on sale they were $16.00 each. Never thought I would spend that much but I love the smell.

My flowers are looking wonderful and make me smile each time I see them. Does that make me sad??

I thought I would save the best for last. When I checked the mail after returning home I found a card from Marcelle. I love it!!! I love that I have something her grandson drew and it makes me feel closer to her family!! What wonderful little helpers she has. Truly a blessed Nana!! I am placing it above the TV so everyone can see it!!!

Sorry this wasn't much about weight loss or health today but that isn't my entire life anymore. I was stressing out to much thinking about it 24/7. Hopefully my weigh in will go good tomorrow!

"Life is something like this trumpet. If you don't put anything in it, you don't get anything out." -W C Handy


Marcelle said...

Helloooooooooo from Cape Town

I usually ( in Germany ) have about 3 banana's a week...H has one every morning...cut back but dont stop as they good for many things.
Love the candles and the fact you went and spoilt yourself, you deserve it...look at you..living in Germany for your man!!
I love Blueberries...and frozen they make a nice shake.

I'm so pleased you like the card Eden made, its the only one he made, Amber did the rest.
He's a very special boy to me...so wanted you who are my special friend to have that card.
I'm impressed it got to you so quickly to be honest...I thought 10 days at least from South Africa.

Keep strong...will be home soon and we will do lots of catching up...get yourself ready for your visit to me!!!!

Katie J said...

I love Yankee candles too! They are the best ones I think next to Party Lite. My favorite is Buttercream. Have you tried that one?

Love the tulips btw!

I have adopted an attitude about my blog. I know it is mainly for WL related discussion but life affects WL so I talk about anything I want to and I do not apologize if it is not WL related. Know what I mean?

Fran said...

I think it's very good you're not thinking 24/7 about your weight.

And so proud you went to the Zumba class alone!

After reading your previous post I would suggest frozen fruits like blueberries for your yoghurt but I see you already bought that!

Fran said...

Oh ... and I don't like those diet products either. Rather eat less "real" food than that food.

What a Splurge said...

Love the Yankee candle! Aren't they great? Absolutely ... please write about other things besides weight loss. My blog ... my theme.