Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 153

I am so excited!!! I got to go to the gym today. I did arm weights, abs and Zumba! Thank god I was able to go because it took me until almost 5:30 last night to talk myself into doing a video. I really can't believe what a great mood going to the gym puts me in!

I have decided that I might start doing the elliptical on non Zumba days and skip the treadmill. I want to start running outside when it is warmer and everyone talks about there being a difference from the treadmill to the ground so maybe I will start my running right on the ground! I am still messing around with it. The girl I go with wouldn't go for doing both but I was tossing that idea around today as well.

I am craving juice lately and I am about ready to give into a 8oz. glass. This "new healthy lifestyle" posses to be a little more interesting now that I have given up Aspartame. I am all about getting the most for my calories and grabbing the sugar free stuff made it easier. Now that I no longer allow myself to have that I have to spread out what I eat a little more. As I get better at reading the labels in German that will give me more options but as of now I still only have the one store on base to get stuff.

Today at lunch I was being made fun of because of how picky I am. We were talking about what I feed Rachelle and I told them I give her Activia yogurt. Somehow that was funny. All the yogurt on base has Aspartame so I have to get it on the economy & that one I know is safe. Why would I only give myself good food and not my child? My husband was like " Am I supposed to be reading these labels cuz i am not." I was so mad I told him I didn't give a ____ what he puts in his mouth but I want to know what I am putting in mine. Am I doing something wrong? Should I just not care?Only worry about myself? I guess everyone has a right to eat what they want but why is what I am doing so funny??

"To be a winner, all you have to give is all you have." -Unknown


CINDER said...

I don't think what you are doing is funny- I think it is great.
Sometimes people who don't have the same issues or problems don't understand...It has taken a long time for my husband to respect my food issues but he still doesn't watch or read labels intelligently...he laughs at calories (he is 6 foot 4 and doesn't weigh muchLOL) but I have accepted that this food issue is mine not his...keep up the good work and remeber wheb some people see dedecation it intimidates them because they can't discipline themselves....you are doing great-keep it up!!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I am always disappointed in the food choices I find at the commissary. It is ridiculous that they don't offer healthier food options!

My husband eats what I buy. He doesn't grocery shop with me. So he gets to eat what my kiddo and I do whether he likes it or not. Really I just read the labels for him. I care about what he eats because he needs to be a good role model for our daughter. :)

Diane said...

UM, what the heck is Zumba? I keep hearing about it. Please post of video of yourself Zumba-fying...

I think that running outside is harder than on the treadmill. I don't know if everyone finds this to be true but it certainly is for me. I hate run on the 'dreadmill' and would take an outside run any day.

ZUMBA, ZUMBA-fy, ZUMBA-fication.

It's early and I am just getting some coffee in me so please excuse my wierd ramblings!

Fran said...

Running outside is harder than on the treadmill because of the weather conditions and the ground you're running on but I always prefer it above the treadmill which I find boring.