Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 159

Today's workout was the elliptical. That is one machine that I don't really like. I would rather go on a walk, do a class or swim but that isn't always the option. So today I did 1.75 miles. I wanted to stay longer but the girl I was with only wanted to do 20 minutes. The machine kept telling me to slow down because my heart rate was to high.

I am surprised I lasted that long and didn't want to get off. I haven't been on one in forever. I guess it means Zumba is working!

I am starting to see changes in myself. I looked it up today to see what I weighed at the wedding. That was the lowest I had I been yet I feel different. I feel like now you can finally see a change. I am only down 12 pounds. My thoughts are that Zumba is doing more then I thought and not having all the fast easy choices the states offer might be playing into it.

Example: Saturday after the concert I was hungry. If I had been in the states we would of gone somewhere. Being here there is nothing open when the concert ended after 10. So we came home and I went to bed to avoid late night eating. Clearly I think America needs to look into all the convince they give us. It is hurting most of us. Just my opinion though.

I am really happy that I started this journey now and didn't wait any longer. I remember ever since I met Chris I have been "losing weight".Well we are going on 5 years and now I finally have taken action to do something! To bad it took this long though. I am really close to my next goal! Hopefully I will hit it this weigh in!

"People become successful the minute they decide to." -Harvey Mackay


Amy said...

Kudos to you, Sarah! That eliptical is way harder then it looks!! O my, it is!! Great job!!

dawne said...

I love how you are now starting to see positives in Germany. (no late night,all night eating opps) That's the next step of cultural transition!

Glad Zumba is benefiting you in all areas! I'm routing for your weigh in Sweet Sarah!

Katie J said...

I think the same way. WHY did I wait this long? We all have our own time lines that is for sure.

Booyaa on Zumba shaping things up. I love Zumba!

Fran said...

I also go to bed when I come home late and am hungry. Good that you did that.

You might not lose that much weight but I'm sure your body is toning by all the Zumba and other workouts. Keep it going Sarah, you're doing great.

It's taken me 10 years before I took action to lose weight. I've been on diets and so on these years but lost a bit and gained a bit. The weight I am at now has been over 10 years since I last weighted that.