Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 167

The sun has been out all day today and I love it. Went to my last Zumba class that is held in the morning. I am going to miss it. Zumba last night was full and there were some women there that weren't paying attention. If you aren't going to do the class leave or shut up so I can hear the teacher. That is just my thought though.

I am going to be purchasing a heart rate monitor this weekend. I am also looking at getting the Zumba DVD's. As much as I hate doing videos I do love me some Zumba. This will be great practice for me as I am going from 3 days a week to 1 maybe 2.

I have really been trying to work on my arms. I want tank top shirt arms. I am not getting them and this is frustrating. I have been looking at 2lb. weighted gloves to wear on nights I do Zumba and when I run. I hope this will help.

I have noticed some bloggers talking about this new find

Here in Germany we are behind on getting things but they finally have them so I decided to give it a try. Usually when I want pizza I grab Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine. Well it is smaller and not paying attention to the box I never realized it came with 2. So I ate the one half. Paired with a salad or fruit it would be perfect.

Off to soccer practice so I am not sure if I will get a walk in tonight or not but tomorrow morning I plan on leaving with my daughter to do a run before work.

On the heart rate moitors I am looking at a Polar FT40 & a Polar F7. Any suggestions? I have read reviews and I keep going back & forth. I guess with the amount of money I want to make sure I like it. Buying things and returning stuff through the mail is such a hassle here that I like to make sure I get it right the first time.

"Leave nothing to chance. The difference between the championship and merely good team is often the perfection of minor details." -Coach John Wooden


Marcelle said...

Hello there

I hate it when I teach a class and the members have a conversation with each other....puts me off and also I am wondering if its something I'm doing wrong so something they dont like...

I see that pizza is 200 calories per portion...imagine how much the whole pizza works out to be...I've given pizza up, the last one I ate was the one I had with you.

The sun was shining all day this side of Germany as well, I went for a run when I saw it was 15 degrees outside..was lovely...but now the clouds are back...and time for me to start my dinner...* Turkey Mince and pasta *

Good luck with work tomorrow..

Syl said...

never tried frozen pizza like that, prefer to make my own, usually the calorie add up is in the cheese, I put very little cheese.

I would be annoyed too if I was at a class and there were people goofing off, how disrespectful.

Hope you are able to find your DVDS!

dawne said...

Tell the ladies you can't hear and want to pay attention! Those Michelle Obama, Kelly Ripa arms will come!!!

Sunshine Mama said...

That pizza looks good. Maybe I'll stop by our freezer section and look it up too.

I don't know anything about heart rate monitors, sorry.

It was a beautiful day here too. Upper 60s. It's suppose to hit 75 tomorrow and close to 80 on Thursday. Can't wait.

Fran said...

I agree that people who attend classes and then go chatting with each other should go away. All the others are there for the work out so do you chit chat in a coffeeshop or something like that. It's annoying.

I believe I have a Polar F5 but all Polar's are good so I would go for the one you prefer most yourself.