Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 154

Today I ran to the post office wondering if I would have anything waiting for me. I was super stocked to receive my scale to weigh my food. The instruction book does scare me a little but I will do my reading tonight on it. I also received a few shirts that I ordered in a smaller size. I will try them on tomorrow.

Is it sad that even though I have lost 26 pounds and yet I am still afraid to try anything new on. I am afraid that I haven't lost enough weight yet. Even though my current clothes are falling off of me I still am afraid. I don't want to know if I still haven't lost enough to go to a new size yet.

I went to the gym today and did weights and Zumba. Zumba killed me today. In fact everyone in class was dieing. It was great. We had a guy join us today that has done Zumba at another base. He is at our base for a week doing work and decided to try this class. His conclusion-The class was more intense and he took moves away from it that he could use in the club! Now you see me love for this.

I think I am going to order my heart rate monitor this week. Seems we are having a Zumba conference in April. 4 different teachers coming to teach. I really want to see the calories that I would burn in that day and of course everyday I go to the gym!

My husband is getting his car fixed tomorrow!! So soon I will have a life again.

Yes I bought another plant. I want spring that bad.

"The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labor." -Mike Litman


Katie J said...

LOVE the flowers!

I have been hesitant to try them on too. Sizes vary SO much that it just gets me frustrated.

Marcelle said...

You are getting yourself all geared out for your new healthy lifestyle...great to hear, as it shows me you are so motivated to drop the weight...
I need to get back on track when I get really eating too much and drinking wine!! ( low calorie )

Why dont I see any updates from you on group, I go in about 3x a day...and nothing??

Fran said...

I'm the same like you on buying new clothes. It took me a few months before I bought new pants. Right now I'm buying a lot on Ebay, it's cheaper and since I don't intend to stay at this size it's a good solution.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, it means a lot to me.

dawne said...

I'm sure that many pounds is MORE than one size down sweetie!