Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 157 & 158

Friday and Saturday were busy for us. Dinner Friday night & lunch Saturday were eaten out. Unfortantly there are not really good food choices on base but I did my best.

Friday night we went bowling! I bowled 2 games and didn't snack on anything. The only place for dinner that was open by the time we were done was Burger King. I was eying the shakes the entire time I was there and thought what is wrong if I have a small. I haven't had that kind of ice cream since July 2009. I have been craving it so bad and my new lifestyle is supposed to work with me eating what I want still. Just in smaller portions. Well I went to get it and the machine was broke. Maybe God was trying to tell me something.

Saturday we went to a parents meeting for soccer for Rachelle and then the fun began. Waiting in line for an autograph from.....Kevin Costner

Singing at the autograph session. We were less then 5 ft. away.

What a great concert!! That man still has it in him and boy is he sexy!! I wanted to bring him home.

Front row at the concert made it even better. I haven't been that lucky in a long time!

Normally I would of wanted to stay home and avoid this. It would of meant trying to find clothes that would fit, getting depressed by the skinny girls that show up and plain just being uncomfortable. Not now. Now I am ready to go. Except I am trying to find clothes that fit once again. This time around I am smiling because of the reason that they don't fit! This time I was enjoying myself and not worrying about what others thought about me. This time I didn't feel like Chris was married to the fat girl. Life couldn't get any better.

On a non weight loss note after yesterday my husband finally see's why I want a new camera. Any suggestions on one and what not to get? I am looking to upgrade big time!!

"If you can move a grain of sand a day, eventually you will move a mountain. " -George Sotiropoulos


Amy said...

How utterly and completely FUN!!

He is so sexy, and I am sure that he was even more so in real life! How cool!

LaurenD said...

Good choice to go with the small, it shows that you have will power and it is never bad to have a tasty treat once in awhile just not to overdo it and that is what you did. Divine intervention on that machine being broken lol!

Fran said...

Kevin Costner is the actor isn't he? Didn't know he sings.

Great pics though, you've got a good spot and am glad you went and enjoyed it so much.

CINDER said...

Cannon makes some nice ones....depends on cost but they have several nice lines to choose from. I have one and am looking in to upgrading but still a Cannon

dawne said...


Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

soooooo jealous about kevin costner! love him so much. and he's lookin pretty fly in that green scarf, if i do say so.

Marcelle said...

He is very sexy indeed....

Camera's are so personal...I love Sony, but its not everyone's and do your own research...most like Canon.