Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 339-345

Lately I have sucked at blogging and getting around to reading. I am busy getting ready to move. I need to paint the garage (tomorrow) & start boxing up things that transportation won't move or things I don't want them touching. Like my stuff from Turkiye or my beer steins. It's funny when you have someone moving you how much more you end up packing yourself anyways. I will try and get better once things settle down again.

As for exercise I did Zumba yesterday and tonight! It was great. I plan on going to Zumba Thursday afternoon as I have the day off. Wanted to go the gym after work tomorrow but I need to get to CYS to fill out paperwork & set up transferring internet & phone when we move. Maybe I will dance well I paint!!

Tonight I tried on my daughters skirt to her Halloween costume. It fit!! Needless to say she isn't happy with me. Maybe dancing through the house wasn't the smartest idea but I was so happy that for once I couldn't control myself. I am thinking about wearing it us adults have a Halloween party!

I have also personally decided that I think I am going to change my weight goal. Right now I only need to lose 12.3 more pounds to get to my goal weight that I set for myself but I really don't think 12 pounds is going to be enough. I am thinking I will be trying to lose another 13 more for a total of 25 more pounds. I really need to work on my arms & stomach.

I need your ideas for breakfast please. I am eating yogurt, blueberries, oats & a organic mix but I am starving when I am at work. The feeling you get when you haven't eaten all day is how I feel and I am lost as to why when I am eating. Any help would be great!!!

I will be sharing some exciting news in the future!!

Just wanted to share a photo I edited.


Fran said...

What a wonderful photo!

Couldn't you bring a healthy snack to work like a bar or something so which you can easily eat? I need to eat every three hours otherwise my sugar level gets to low. You could try adding protein powder to your yogurt in the morning. Protein powder keeps me going longer.

Good luck on the moving, hope it will work out allright.

And awesome that you fitted in her skirt. I would try first to reach your first goal and then see how you feel and look. Small steps motivate more than big steps, at least for me.

Marcelle said...

Hello there

Can imagine u dancing around in the dress, I did the same when I fitted into Lauryn's jeans....
Its what we mothers do!!!

I know a move is hectic so know you are going to be so busy the next while...

I read in Tosca's book that you must have protein..what I am doing now with my muesli or oats...I change daily is I add the Flaxseeds as they fill you...and also I add Tsp of peanut butter to mine...seems to help as I am not hungry too soon afterwards..or sometimes I boil and egg and have that with my muesli..not together but for breakfast.

CINDER said...

I was not fast enonugh- I would reccomend the exact same thing as Marcelle(we read the same books:)
And I hope your move goes well- new goal for a new place- sounds great-
I love the pix edit- how are you getting just color on flower? I can't get my stuff figured out!!

Sunshine Mama said...

Did you change your profile pict? I love it.

For breakfast, add some protein. Like I have a whole egg and one egg white with my oatmeal and grapefruit.

Then, eat a snack halfway to lunch. Lately for me it's been honey crisp apples (they're like 8 to 10 ounces). And if I'm still hungry after that...a banana with natural peanut butter. You could also make yourself a protein shake with a banana in it.

That usually quiets the hunger pains for me.

Any good recipe ideas I find, I will share.