Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 332-338

Not sure if anyone else feels this way but my husband has agreed with me. Every time I make plans for me, mostly when I comes to long term goals over a week life always happens. I wanted to do Sly's challenge of doing at least 25 min. a week of exercise but then I was on the road all day helping friends get adjusted to Germany. I really have to start putting myself first if I plan to stick to this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I mean life always happens. I need to figure out how to fit everything out and I will. I have come further then I ever had so I just need to keep figuring it out some more & I will.

Friday I when I was going to work I got a compliment!!! Someone that does Zumba with me didn't recognize me from behind when I was leaving daycare with a friend. Until I turned around did she realize who I was. Made working on a Friday with the sun out so worth it. She just couldn't get over how much smaller I looked from behind!! Need to keep pushing myself!

Some more great news that I have is we are moving!!!!!To a BIG HOUSE!!!! Well compared to where we live now. It is four levels so that means stairs!! You have no clue how happy I am to have stairs. The washer and dryer are in the basement and my daughters room is on the very top floor. Guaranteed floor climbing everyday!!! I am also moving next to my best friend Angie. The health nut that I go to the gym with all the time and is in all the pics with me. So that means dog walks even in the winter when I find it the hardest to get moving. I am sure the fresh air will be great to. Everything is falling into place. We move next month as we had to give a 30 day notice to the landlord. Will post pics when we are in there.

Life is great!!!!


logmyloss said...

Stairs = built in exercise!


Sabrina said...

Yay for the wonderful compliments!

Your hubby is right, time to put yourself first if you are going to stick with it. Maybe the stairs and living next to the "health nut" will have its perks.

Glad to see you are still blogging, and I am looking forward to some pictures!

dawne said...

Congrats on the new house and I can't believe that photo of you in the blue dress!!!!!!!! Wow baby, you've come a long, long way! So happy for you. I've been honoured to come along and share in your journey to health, sweet Sarah.

Marcelle said...

I am so excited about your new house and that you are close to Angie ~ it makes such a difference been close to someone when living away from home and family.
I look forward to visiting you next year....

Fran said...

That's great news about the house, congrats. Seems to me you are going to live there with much more fun.

What you could do to make yourself a priority is plan 1 hour in your schedule every day just for you. If you have to help friends the whole day take that hour at the start of the day and say you are going to be an hour later or something like that.
I always plan my workouts 4 weeks ahead and try to stick to it. Sure it doesn't always works but most of the times it does.

Great compliment, that keeps the body moving for sure.

CINDER said...

How exciting to be getting a bigger house and Congrats on Not being recognized- You are doing great !!!Keep up the good work!!

Sunshine Mama said...

Sounds like a lot of things are falling into place for you. How nice to get a compliment like that from your friend. It really is confirmation that all that hard work has paid off (and it can only get better)