Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 313

I woke up this morning and my foot really wasn't hurting. Not like it had been. Went on my morning run & then came home & did the 30 Day Shred. Was feeling fine but at work it started throbbing and now I am in pain again. I did push myself through the 30 Day Shred again after work though. I can't start with excuses about not being able to do it or the month will go by & I will wish I JUST DID IT!

I guess I will be calling the doctor next Tuesday to make an appt. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate going to the doctor and if there is any sign I am better then I won't. We have a 4 day training holiday so they are closed until Tues.

I really wanted to hit the gym this afternoon but I had an appt. after work so I wasn't able to. Tomorrow I plan on leaving work early to go out of town. Unfortanly that means the only exercise I will be getting is from my morning run (if it's warm enough) & the 30 Day Shred. Better then nothing I guess.

Plans for this weekend include

Friday~ Regensburg Fest
Saturday~ Girls Night @ Nuremberg Fest
Sunday~ Game Night

So pretty much there will be drinking & fest food. Not sure what the plans are for Monday yet. Tonight we went out for Greek. This restaurant is the only place I let my guard down. We haven't been there since the end of May and I have been craving it. This was my dinner tonight.

My hubby & I split the wine leaves so we each get one & a half.

Here all I eat is the lamb. I don't touch the rice.

It's hard living in Germany. You want to enjoy trying things because you know you won't be here long but you also have to remember not to go over bored.

I will end with my measurements that I had my husband take last night.

Bust~38 1/2

As for weight I have never shared that and I am not going to. I do weigh in weekly with Marcelle though so we are keeping track with the weight!


dawne said...

Sorry your foot is hurting, but I'm glad you're running! I remember all the eating out we did when I lived overseas. Fun, but can be deadly. Enjoy your weekend.

logmyloss said...

I hope your foot is okay. Be sure not to push it to the point you are really hurting badly.

Fran said...

I'll get back to your post later today but just want you to know that I finally got Whatsapp up and running. I don't have your phone number so can't send you a chat. Can you send me one through whatsapp so we can see if it works?

Fran said...

Your weekend plans sounds fun! Just take it one day at a time concerning the food. Make choices, don't eat/drink it all but only half or something like that and you will do fine.

You're right to enjoy everything in Germany while you are there.

Hopefully your foot is better today.

I'm so happy we can chat now!


Sabrina said...

Oh Sarah, you food looks yummy!! And your weekend plans sound fun!! I can't wait to get to Germany next spring. I am mentally preparing myself because I know I can do a lot of damage to my waist line in the 13 months I will be there.

Hope you foot starts to feel better. I hate going to doctors too. Enjoy your weekend, and try to find a happy balance with everything. It's the best we can do in a festival situation.

Marcelle said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO not a sore foot now...first the knee and not this...what more do you need...just when you are so motivated to get into this journey.

I wait for your Thursday weigh in's and can tell everyone, you doing great....keep it up

Tiff said...

That really does all look delicious! I can imagine how hard it would be with all of this cool/exotic food you want to try but don't want to gain tons of weight from it lol. Have a good weekend :)

Sabrina said...

Hey pretty lady! I hope you are doing well. Go see my most recent blog post, I gave you an award!! :)