Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh In &Promised Pictures

I am home sick with a cold. Just my luck. My nose won't stop running, my throat hurts & if I could sleep more then 2 hours at a time life would be grand. Nothing like being stuck at home on a beautiful sunny warm day in Germany.

I have so much to say I am not sure where to start. I go to the doctor next week to find out more about what physical therapy I will need for my right foot. Also well I was at the doctor I talked to them about the lose skin on my stomach. Pretty much exercise will not stretch the skin back to place. The only thing I can do is surgery. That in a way has taken away some motivation if you know what I mean. Why keep pushing if I will not get the results I want. Sometimes I feel like my stomach bothers me more then I remember when I was 60 pounds heavier. Oh the joys of being overweight then attempting to lose it.

I weighed in this morning and I am down 2.9 pounds from last week. This is exciting. My friend Marcelle is doing the 17 Day Diet & asked if I wanted to join. I was on board and then fell off by about 5pm. Problem was I was starving. Unfortunately in my job I can not snack. I know some people think I might be padding that a bit but I was talking with the other Kinder Aids & none of them have time to hardly take a drink. Kindergarten is nonstop hands on with the kids. Also with them all being military they are very clingy and attempting to use the bathroom any time past my lunch break proves to be a no go. Either way I have taken bits and pieces from the book & clearly it is working!

Here are the pictures that I promised. Took me awhile to talk myself into posting them. Also a picture of about a years difference. I don't see much of a change but I do notice my butt has gotten smaller!!

As you can see I had to get bottoms that went way up and you can see why my stomach is bothering me.

The legs I mean really as much as I am on them and what not this is driving me nuts. I want them to shrink and now!

On a last note I wanted to share a new purse & wallet I bought. New happy colors! This is the one I was talking about on facebook Marcelle!

Also for my birthday my husband got me a a necklace from The Pretty Peacock.

It is the coordinates of the first place we met. You give them the address and they do the rest. I love it & wear it all the time.

Well sorry for the all over the place blog. Guess if I blogged more this would not happen.

PS. I get to pick up my new car today!!! 2011 Chrysler 200!!


Marcelle said...

you look wow wow

I went bikini hunting with you when you visited me and girlfriend I see HUGE difference in your body, the shape ~ and look at that amazing loss this week....
I'm super excited and cant wait to see my weekly loss as well...

You have been a slow loser so the skin will be so much better on your body compared to someone who loses quickly.
I have a flat stomach, but so much wrinkled skin on its horrible....I can understand why older women, even when thin wear full costumes.
So think I will have to do tanning in bikini and home and full at pool or beach myself :(

At least in clothing Sarah, NO one sees the its worth losing weight ~ being fat is never nice.

Very excited about your car...send me a Whatsup off to collect my glasses now as well in Fulda...then Christine's Ben has his first birthday party....NO CAKE FOR ME!!!!!!

Fran said...

I think you look great too, your body is in proportion but I can also understand your stomach problems, I have the same. Stomach seems to be the hardest part to get rid off it seems.

I love, love your purse and wallet.

dawne said...

You look perfectly gorgeous and toned. I couldn't wear a two piece...sadly. Too much loose skin on the tummy, but no one is perfect,despite what Hollywood tells us. Will you consider surgery?

CINDER said...

Looking hot girl....I will for sure be ordering one of those necklaces....:) how sweet- ILOVE the bags and the should recycle to me? LOL

Becky said...

You go girl!!! YAY!

I think you are looking SO GOOD! Keep it up! You've found something that you have a passion for, and that makes it SO much easier!