Friday, April 8, 2011

Stress & Zumba in the driveway!

The stress I am having really has nothing to do with weight loss but it sure is causing some. That or it is my salads that I am eating everyday. I am down another 1.3 pounds from yesterday. I am only 1.4 pounds away from my first goal weight that I thought would make me happy. Clearly I have added that I need to lose at least another 10-15 pounds.

I was able to pick up my new car yesterday! I love it! Never ever did I think I would be able to own a brand new car this early on in my life. My husband sure does spoil me!

Like the pink flower effect??lol

Now as excited as I am about this with the government threatening to shut down I am nervous. My husbands paycheck and mine both come from the government. It's after 4pm here in Germany and well when the Commissary (where we buy our food) closes at 8pm if the government shuts down then they will not be open tomorrow. Yes we can buy food on the economy but it is more expensive for us and the fact that our paycheck will only be for one week & not two weeks does not help. Fingers crossed they get this taken care of by midnight tonight. Last thing we want to do is have to go to work for free. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine will be great once I find out if I will be getting a paycheck or not. Either way I will be doing some Zumba this weekend even if it has to be in the front yard in the drive way like last weekend!


CINDER said...

I hope they get all this figured out...nice it a Chrysler?
How lucky!!!

Marcelle said...

Great about the works and u only doing it 50% of the way, am really happy for you as you work so hard.

Stunning BRAND new sure are you can fly to visit me....heheh * hint hint *

Loved watching the Zumba in your girls can MOve!!!!

btw love the purse, handbag, you showed in the other entry, was so excited about your new body that I forgot to reply on that one....xx

Fran said...

That video is so great! You really got the moves girl, you move so smoothly. Love it!

And I love your new car too.

I don't really understand the story about the government but I hope it all worked out for you in the good way.

dawne said...

Looks like fun!!!! You have coordination baby!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I love that Rachelle is joining in too! I can remember when I was really into the Leslie Sansone tapes and did them everyday and I would have 3 little kids lined up beside me doing it too! LOL! Mama does it when she can!