Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 94 - 97

Sorry it has been awhile since I updated. Chris was leaving for a month and I wanted to spend time with him. We also had a lot to do before he left. Needless to say I really have to figure something out balance wise. I got up on Friday and exercised early knowing that we would be gone most of the day. I haven't exercised since unless you want to count the snow shoveling. Was I having fun instead.Nope. Do I wish I could redo this weekend.YES.

Why is it that I am so afraid to stand up for myself. Why can't I get the nerve to ask for the TV to exercise. It's not like playing video games or watching movies is that important. I am struggling with this journey this go around. Maybe it is to make me stronger. I can no longer run to the gym like I used to or exercise upstairs.

I fight a battle in my head everyday telling myself that I need to exercise. I never used to be like this and it bothers me. I used to love exercising. Now I dread it. I was left a comment to go on a walk. Bundle up and go. Well after walking to the bank yesterday and the market to get a few things I felt better and told myself get up tomorrow and go on a walk. Yesterday it was 2 degrees & the snow was melting. Today it is snowing and hard. I did shovel though so I was outside which seemed to help.

I drank my last soda last night. What a sad sad night. I am sure Chris is glad that he won't be around for the withdrawal I will face. I have tried to quit before. I know soda is bad yet I always come back. I tell myself Chris smokes & drinks so soda is nothing compared to that. What I should be worrying about is my body. The health of it and the 10 year old that depends on me.

So instead of mourning my loneliness of Chris going away. I am going to take this month for myself. There will be no more soda, no Popeyes, I will get my exercise in. There will be small, lite, healthy dinners and we will see what happens. I have a mini goal in mind for my birthday. A weight that I would love to see. Hopefully this month will help me get there!

I am stocked with my new yogurt...free from Aspartame!

Quick question: Any recipes out there for the use of pumpkin? I opened a can to make Chris's Bday cheesecake & I have a lot left over.

"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted." -Francis Bacon


Marcelle said...

NO snow this side today...just old snow melting and about 2 degrees, so warming up!! ( hopeful )

I bought that yogurt and see for me its 3 points as high in carbs so will not be buying it from next week, want to find a yogurt for about 2 points but now fat free...been listing to how fat free diets make us fat!!!!

Giving up soda must be your own choice...if it's not you will keep going back...I will never go back due to my situation.

H went off to France today till Friday, is home for the weekend and goes again all of next week to Poland.

Did you get the message that I called you yesterday...please feel free to call me anytime.

Lacey said...

I know how you feel with standing up for yourself. I would have a hard time asking for the TV too. This Germany thing is most certainly a test, and despite not exercising this weekend you are still doing great! (Is it your turn to shovel snow again already, or are your neighbors just lame?!)

I'm glad you found a new yogurt with NO aspartame!

Tiff said...

I'm glad that you are taking this month for yourself and kicking the soda habit- YOU can TOTALLY do this!

Thanks for all your sweet comments and words of encouragement on my blog by the way! :)

Fran said...

Stupid snow is finally gone here since Sunday, glad too!

Dear Sarah, take this month for you as you said yourself too. Maybe you should go walking every day, it's exercise too and I think by reading your post you like that more than working out.

I drink soda but not very much, maybe 1 class a night and not every night. You do what's good for you and what makes you feel good.

You'll get there!

About Twilight: I love it, fell in love with Robert Pattison yesterday evening :) I've seen him before in Harry Potter but he much cuter in Twilight.

I discovered the book only recently, I'm almost finished in the first one but ordered part 2 and 3 online today (part 4 will be availabe in Dutch in April) and I ordered New Moon on DVD which will come out in March. R. was sceptic before we started the movie but he liked it very much too and wants to see New Moon too.

dawne said...

Welcome back...I've missed you. Your pics on Marcelle's site - stunning! You are stunning. Really and truly. My only pumpkin recipes are for sweet things...not want you want around the house. Maybe look on line for a low fat pumpkin muffin recipe?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet if you mixed some of that pumpkin with plain yogurt it would be great!

LadyRaven said...

pumpkin fritters! you can even make them in a nonstick pan with little/no oil. Just mix them with egg, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little brown sugar. Nom!

It also goes really well roasted in the oven with garlic, rosemary and a bit of olive oil, mixed together with cous cous and feta cheese