Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 92- Weigh In

Today is weigh in day. I am not going to beat around the bush. I lost .7 of a pound. I am thrilled there is a negative in front of my weight from last week but I really need to figure out what I am doing that is making it come off so slow. Why I can't get a loss that is any higher.

Marcelle did bring up a very good point yesterday on the blog I wrote. That I have nothing else to do but worry about my weight. The more that I thought about it the more I decided that she is right. I read weight loss blogs all day, I look for low fat recipes and I work out. That is all that I do. Why? Well I am living in Germany were I can not get a job (because there are never any), we don't live on base so I have no friends, I have no way to base but what would I do there anyways, I am surrounded by people that I can understand and do not understand me or act like they don't. There is an 8 hour difference between my friends and I. This has proven to be interesting. Marcelle suggested that I take up a hobby. Any suggestions? The PX doesn't really carry much that one can pick up a hobby on and buying stuff from the economy isn't the smartest idea. We live on the economy but get paid with American dollars so the exchange rate kills us. Anyways any ideas would be great!!!

On another note I received an award from Lindsay, another priorfatgirl. I started to follow her when she was Lindsay, under construction. She is all about telling it the way it is and I suggest you take a look at her blog!

Here are the rules:
*List 10 things that make you happy*
*Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day*
* Make sure to link back to the person that tagged you*

10 Things That Make Me Happy

*Negative signs for my weigh in days
*Spending Sundays in my comfys with my hubby & daughter
*Gerber Daisy's~I had these at my wedding
*The sun and warmth ~ I become a new person in the summer
*My cousin Lacey~ She is always there for me anytime I need her
*Flip Flops~ I love them more then anything. I own way to many pairs of them
*Nail Polish~ I always have my toes and nails painted.
*Swimming~ I love the water! Maybe its because I am a pisces
*Purses~ I have to get a new one all the time & the colors drive my hubby nuts
*Girls Night Out~ I haven't had one since last July but I am hoping to go home this summer. I am in need of GNO!

The 10 that are I pick for this are

* Dawne @ 365 days to a New Me!
*Tricia @ Endurance Isn't Only Physical
* Cinder @ Wherever you go, go with all your heart
* Jack @ Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit
*Marcelle @ South African From Cape Town Now Living In Germany
*Diane @ Diane's Training & Weight Loss Journal
*Fran @ Fran wants to be a healthy girl!
*Kari @ Forever & a Day
*Lacey @ Don't Make Drugs
*Tiff @Project 365

One last note.....Don't you just hate it when your pants fall down well you are exercising!!!!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Thanks for the superduper shoutout, Sarah. And nope... I love it when my pants fall down while exercising!

Marcelle said...

LOL at Jack!!!

I too am trying to find a hobby, as you know I love photography so do that whenever possible. I love making photo books and albums so do that as well from time to time..but other than that I am like u - sit on the internet. Its my friend!!!Its been this way for the last 5 years - cause I too am not able to work.
But its getting better, am making friends as I have made myself more open to it - when I first came here I thought it was the Germans who had to make me feel comfortable and befriend me, it never worked, since my change of mind I have made friends - of all ages so dont feel so alone anymore. I know I can pop up the road and have a cup of coffee with someone or go to gym and have some conversation..but it took me getting out of the box..and I took years...

Well done on the weight lost this week...I had a thought today....YOUR HORMONES could be why you are not losing weight...with my own experience I found that as soon as the gynie put me on a pill to balance my hormones, its a contraceptive one - the weight came off..Spoke to another friend of mine, my age who also gained and could not lose, she went to gynie and asked to be put on my pill and now is 59kgs - she was 68, she puts it down to the pill as she does not train nor does she follow an eating plan besides making good choices. So that could be your issue at the moment..Hormones...why not look into it.

Fran said...

Congrats on the weight loss Sarah!

And thanks for the award, I appreciate it. I've made my happy list already somewhere last week but I'm honored you gave it to me.

I love cross-stitching (although I don't have much time to do it) and make Japanese puzzles and I love to read. Don't you like reading?


Lacey said...

Hooray for another loss! And thank you thank you thank you for the award!

I love how much we are alike and yet so totally different sometimes, haha. Like... I hate the sun. I never wear nail polish. I own one purse and very rarely carry it anywhere. I don't even know HOW to swim... Geez.

You're one of my "top 10 favorite things" too, Sarah. :-) I MISS YOU!

dawne said...

I love it whenever my pants fall down!!!! And, I love you!!! Thanks for the award. I'll claim it tomorrow!