Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 89

Today was a little better. I did 2 workouts and outside of my comfort zone. My husband stayed in the room on his laptop(instead of moving to another room). I caught him watching me and telling me that they should do this or that different or that is not the right way to do it. I asked him a couple times if the way I was doing something looked right and all in all I think I was so worried about impressing him that I pushed myself more then I have in a long time. I am really feeling the workout. He said I did great & I feel good because he knows that I am really trying.

Well reading Steve's blog, this one in particular he mentioned habitforge . I decided to check it out. It reminds you for 21 days straight if you have done something. If you say no one day you start again. Since I am highly motivated by checking things off (I know I am odd) I decided to sign up and try it. What do I have to lose. I signed up for exercise and water intake. So far I have one dot for each. I know between my blogs, calendar and other sites I belong to this isn't necessary but with the way I am feeling I am attacking at all sides!

Last night I decided to Google more images of beaches and islands and came across this one

Yup it is my new screen saver. It has everything I need. The sand, ocean, blue skies and a body that I want! I think it is perfect. I don't see her face it is an image. It's what I want to do someday. To feel comfortable enough in a bikini to just lay out and soak up the warmth.

I put the last 12 pack of diet soda in the fridge. When I finish it I am done. Chris leaves me Tues. for a month so he won't be here to hear me complain of the headache I know I am going to get. It will be a good month of withdrawal where he won't be here to buy me any more. I won't be buying any at the market because the diet soda from Germany and the states taste different. Frankly I really don't like it or spending money on it. I know I can do this! I will get all Aspartame out of diet.

On another note I just finished read this book Firefly Lane.

The review for the book can be found on my other blog here. I know that this book has nothing to do with weight loss but it has such an important message for women. Something we need to be on the watch for. I don't want to say any more except that if you have time I would read this book.


Marcelle said...

Am so happy to hear that today you are in a happier place, am sure it has a lot to do with having hubby home with you and doing things together.

I will call you tomorrow. I hate going out to gym when there is so much snow so if its not any better tomorrow will be home all day again and cycle while watching tv.

Glad to hear you trained.

I have diet soda in my fridge downstairs but there is no ways I will be touching it every again in my life. Today sat and threw good food away with other bad stuff...the sooner I detox the better..even my peanut butter had to go...will check the health shop to see what they have there for replacements.


Tricia said...

I was just on my library account putting books on hold to pick up later. I'll have to add this one.

And hey-I've been meaning to tell you if you ever need to talk just shoot me an email. I know how hard being married to the military is.


dawne said...

Hey, I have that book on my shelf but haven't gotten around to reading it I will.

I'm glad you're feeling a little better! I don't think that your situation is easy. Keep dealing with the feelings/emotions without food and you'll work it out. I know it!

Katie J said...

Hope the withdrawal isn't too harsh... it will be worth it in the end though!

Lacey said...

I can't wait to hear how the withdrawals go... scary stuff, lol.

Must. Read. Firefly. Lane...