Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 106 -Weigh In

The funny thing about today was that I had prepared myself for no loss this week. I figured that I had just started the gym on Monday and I knew that the odds of losing anything with the luck that I have been having was slim. I thought maybe cutting out diet soda would help. So before I got on the scale I talked myself into being OK with no or very little loss. Well I am down 2.1 pounds. Who would of thought! I am so happy!

I have noticed that I am trying to eat EVEN BETTER since going to the gym because I feel like I put more effort into the gym. Was supposed to do Zumba today but wasn't able to get there. I did 2 mile walk instead. Tomorrow (if the snow stops) I will do the treadmill and whatever I feel like after that.

I am getting in more water a day then I originally planned to drink. I think its because all I drink now. I also bought some green chili today to add to my food to give it a kick. I am thinking about making a potato for dinner and putting that on there instead of butter! I tried a new Lean Cuisine pizza last night. Let me tell you I saw the words bacon & alfrado and I had to have it. It's 7 points for Weight Watchers. It was OK. Not great but something different. The only other two choices I have are Spinach & Mushroom & of course a Pepperoni.

I am finally excited to be feeling like I am getting somewhere and hopefully hitting my goal by this summer. I really want to enjoy Germany & be in pictures with my husband and not feel or look bigger then him. I think this is going to help us out. Hopefully when he comes home next month he will notice a difference but he will only of been gone a month and he is a guy so I won't get my hopes up.

"Your ideas are like diamonds... without the refining process, they are just a dirty rock, but by cutting away the impurities, they become priceless." -Paul Kearly


Marcelle said...

YOU ARE ROCKING IT GIRL..I am so so happy for you..this is just what you needed when you got on the scale today.

Glad you still made yourself workout today...I found yesterday too cold for me so cycled at was warmer with a little snow falling so went to gym but a lot later than I usually go.

That pizza is BAD...B-A-D!!
I personally have given up pizza as too baddddddddddddddddd!!
But then I love chocolate and you dont...hehehe

You are going to be so sexy - my such a beautiful woman, your husband is going to love you even more.

Lacey said...

Congrats on another loss, Sarah! You are doing so great!

Fran said...

Congrats on your loss Sarah! Great job!

I've said it before but I'm seeing such a positive change in you since you joined the gym. I think it's one of the best things you could have done. Great!

Amy said...

Sarah!!! Woo hoo for the scale moving down 2 more pounds!! That is so wonderful!!! You inspire me!

Hugs.. Amy

dawne said...

I'm thrilled that your scale moved down 2.1!!! That's reward for all of that hard work at the gym! You seem to be in a much happier place these days.

It's hard finding food in a different country, isn't it? I found that very difficult in Bangladesh. It's hard to find anything "Western" there, especially frozen pizzas!

I'm glad you want to enjoy Germany! That attitude will only help as you continue to adjust. I always said that our life in Bangladesh was the worst of times and the best of times. Life is funny.